WSC '97 Final Program (Including Full Papers)

The Shortest Distance from Research to Application

DECEMBER 7--10, 1997


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Keynote Address
Simulation in Research and Research in Simulation: A Telecommunication Perspective
Dr. Ward Whitt (AT&T Labs-Research)

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Analysis Methodology

Innovative Single-Run Model Execution
Chair: Enver Yucesan (INSEAD)

Simulation Optimization Using Simultaneous Replications and Event Time Dilation
Lee Schruben (Cornell University)

Efficiency of Time Segmentation Parallel Simulation of Queueing Networks as a Function of the
Size of the Network

Mehdi Hoseyni-Nasab (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Sigrun Andradottir (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Single Run Optimization Using the Reverse-Simulation Method
Young Hae Lee (Purdue University)
Kyoung-Jong Park (Dong-il CIM Engineering)
Yun Bae Kim (Sung Kyun Kwan University)

Computational Efficiency in Output Analysis
Chair: Halim Damerdji (North Carolina State University)

Computational Experience with the Batch Means Method
Christos Alexopoulos (Georgia Institute of Technology)
George Fishman (University of North Carolina)
Andrew Seila (University of Georgia)

Computational Efficiency of Batching Methods
David Goldsman (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Bruce Schmeiser (Purdue University)

Computational Efficiency Evaluation in Output Analysis
Halim Damerdji (North Carolina State University)
Shane Henderson (University of Michigan)
Peter Glynn (Stanford University)

Variance Reduction Techniques
Chair: Michael Fu (University of Maryland)

Efficient Simulation of Multiclass Queueing Networks
Shane Henderson (University of Michigan)
Sean Meyn (University of Illinois-Urbana/CSL)

A New Variance-Reduction Technique for Regenerative Simulations of Markov Chains
James Calvin, Marvin Nakayama (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

Descriptive Sampling: An Improvement Over Latin Hypercube Sampling
Eduardo Saliby (Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro)

Statistical Analysis of Simulation Output Data
Chair: K. Preston White, Jr. (University of Virginia)

The Impact of Transients on Simulation Variance Estimators
Daniel Ockerman (Retek Information Systems)
David Goldsman (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Weighted Jackknife-After-Bootstrap: A Heuristic Approach
Jin Wang (Valdosta State University)
J. Sunil Rao (The Cleveland Clinic Foundation-P88)
Jun Shao (University of Wisconsin)

Optimal Quadratic-Form Estimator of the Variance of the Sample Mean
Wheyming Song (National Tsing Hua University)
Neng-Hui Shih (National Ping Tung Institute of Commerce)
Mingjian Yuan (National Yuanlin Institute of Technology)

Sensitivity Analysis of Model Uncertainty
Chair: Russell Cheng (University of Kent at Canterbury)

Bayesian Analysis for Simulation Input and Output
Stephen Chick (University of Michigan)

Sensitivity Analysis of Model Output: Variance-Based Methods Make the Difference
Karen Chan, Stefano Tarantola, Andrea Saltelli (European Commission Joint Research

On the Efficiency of the Splitting and Roulette Approach for Sensitivity Analysis
Viatcheslav Melas (St. Petersburg State University)

Searching for Important Factors: Sequential Bifurcation Under Uncertainty
Russell Cheng (University of Kent at Canterbury)

Input Modeling and Process Generation
Chair: Michael Taaffe (University of Minnesota)

Simulation of Multivariate Extreme Values
S. Nadarajah (University of Plymouth)

Estimating and Simulating Poisson Processes with Trends or Asymmetric Cyclic Effects
Michael Kuhl (Louisiana State University)
Halim Damerdji, James Wilson (North Carolina State University)

Sensitivity of Output Performance Measures to Input Distributions in Queueing Simulation Modeling
Donald Gross (George Mason University)
Man Juttijudata (Thai Investment & Securities Public Company Ltd.)

Metamodeling for Design and Optimization
Chair: Russell Cheng (University of Kent at Canterbury)

Covalidation of Dissimilarly Structured Models
Samuel Wright, Kenneth Bauer Jr. (Air Force Institute of Technology)

Design of Experiments for Fitting Subsystem Metamodels
Russell Barton (Penn State University)

A User Interface to Support Experimental Design and Data Exploration of Complex, Deterministic Simulation
L. Herren, Pamela Fink,Christopher Moehle (Medical Science Systems, Inc.)

Selecting the Best System via Simulation
Chair: Denise Masi (George Mason Univeristy)

Selecting the Best System: A Decision-Theoretic Approach
Stephen Chick (University of Michigan)

New Development of Optimal Computing Budget Allocation for Discrete Event Simulation
Hsiao-Chang Chen, Chun-Hung Chen (University of Pennsylvania)
Liyi Dai (Washington University)
Enver Yucesan (INSEAD)

How Common Random Numbers Affect Multinomial Selection
J. O. Miller, Kenneth Bauer, Jr. (Air Force Institute of Technology)

Global Optimization via Simulation
Chair: Sheldon Jacobson (Virginia Tech)

Comparison of Monte Carlo and Deterministic Methods for Non-Adaptive Optimization
Hisham Al-Mharmah (University of Jordan)
James Calvin (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

Accelerating the Convergence of the Stochastic Ruler Method for Discrete Stochastic Optimization
Mahmoud Alrefaei (Jordan University of Science & Technology)
Sigrun Andradottir (Georgia Institute of Technology)

An Integrated Framework for Deterministic and Stochastic Optimization
Leyuan Shi, Sigurdur Olafsson (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

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General Applications

Construction Engineering
Chair: D.W. Halpin (Purdue University)

AP2-Earth: A Simulation Based System for the Estimating and Planning of Earth Moving Operations
Dany Hajjar, Simaan AbouRizk (University of Alberta)

Petri Net Based Simulation of Construction Schedules
Anil Sawhney (Western Michigan University)

A Framework for Incorporating Dynamic Strategies in Earth-Moving Simulations
Govindan Kannan, Julio Martinez, Michael Vorster (Virginia Tech

Model Development and Modeling Environments Chair: Edward Watson (Louisiana State University)

A Conceptual Activity Cycle-Based Simulation Modeling Method
Jingsheng Shi (City University of Hong Kong)

A General Framework for Large Scale Systems Development
Aleks Gollu, Farokh Eskafi (California PATH)

The Integrated Performance Modeling Environment-Simulating Human-System Performance
David Dahn, Ronald Laughery (Micro Analysis and Design, Inc.)

Health Systems Applications
Chair: Bill Moll (Coopers & Lybrand)

Simulation of the Question Physician Network
James Swisher, Brian Jun (Biological & Popular Culture, Inc.)
Sheldon Jacobson, Osman Balci (Virginia Tech)

A Generalised Simulation System to Support Strategic Resource Planning in Healthcare
Martin Pitt (University of Manchester)

Integrated Medical Analysis System
Susan Mabry, Samuel Rodriquez, James Heffernan
(Northtrop Grumman Corporation)

Simulation Along the Coast
Chair: Eric Seeyave (AutoSimulations, Inc.)

A Simulation Environment for the Coordinated Operation of Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Joao Borges de Sousa (University of California at Berkeley)
Aleks Gollu (California PATH)

The Use of a Template-Based Methodology in the Simulation of a New Cargo Track from Rotterdam Harbor to Germany
Alexander Pater, Maurice Teunisse ( p/a Incontrol Business Engineers)

Application of Simulation Modeling to Emergency Population Evacuation
Kambiz Farahmand (Texas A&M University-Kingsville)

Transportation Applications
Chair: Michael Zeimer (Schneider Logistics, Inc.)

Simulation Based Approach to Study the Interaction of Scheduling and Routing on a Logistic Network
Alex Ruiz-Torres (Florida Gulf Coast University)
John Tyworth (Penn State University)

A Simulation Approach for Analyzing Parking Space Availability at a Major University
John Harris (Clemson University)
Yasser Dessouky (Miami University)

SmartATMS: A Simulator for Air Traffic Management Systems
Tak-Kuen Koo, Yi Ma,George Pappas, Claire Tomlin (University of California at Berkeley)

Logistics Applications
Chair: Grace Lin (IBM Research)

Million Dollar Logistic Decisions Using Simulation
Michael Carr (Center for Entrepreneurial Studies & Development, Inc.)
Howard Way (Tropicana Products, Inc.)

Using a Simulation Model to Evaluate the Configuration of a Sortation Facility
Dale Masel (Penn State University)
David Goldsmith (Automated Systems Integration Corp.)

Simulation-Based Approach to the Warehouse Location Problem for a Large-Scale Real Instance
Kazuyoshi Hidaka, Hiroyuki Okano (IBM Japan Ltd.)

Street and Highway Traffic
Chair: Daniel Brunner (Systemflow Simulations)

Urban Traffic Simulation with Psycho-Physical Vehicle-Following Models
Thomas Schulze (Technical University at Dresden)
Thomas Fliess (Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg)

Development and Application of an Intermodal Mass Transit Simulation with Detailed Traffic Modeling
Joseph Brill (Systemflow Simulations)
Dudley Whitney (Parsons Brinckerhoff)

The Importance of Simulation Techniques in its Research and Analysis
Jim Clark (Federal Highway Administration)
Gene Daigle (Kaman Sciences Corporation)

Transportation and Logistics Panel
Chair: John Carson (AutoSimulations, Inc.)

Panel on Transportation and Logistics Modeling
John Carson (AutoSimulations, Inc.)
Mani Manivannan (CNF Transportation Company)
Mark Brazier (CSX Transportation)
Eric Miller (SABRE Technology Solutions)
Donald Ratliff (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Non-Traditional Applications
Chair: Onur Ulgen (Production Modeling Corporation)

Forecasting Investment Opportunities Through Dynamic Simulation
Stephen Parker (Parker Industrial Engineering & Computer Simulation Corp.)

Simulation of Lumber Processing for Improved Raw Material Utilization
Timothy Striess ( Robert C. Byrd Hardwood Technology Center)

Simulation of a Signal Quality Survey
Douglas Morrice, Astrid Kenyon (University of Texas at Austin)
Peter Mullarkey, Jingfang Zhou (Schlumberger Austin Research)
Herb Schwetman (Mesquite Software)

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Introductory Tutorials

An Introduction to Simulation
Chair: Justin Boesel (Northwestern University)

Introduction to Modeling and Simulation
Anu Maria (SUNY at Binghamton)

An Introduction to Simulation Software
Chair: Ann Dunkin (Hewlett Packard)

Inside Discrete-Event Simulation Software: How it Works and Why it Matters
Thomas Schriber (University of Michigan)
Daniel Brunner (Systemflow Simulations, Inc.)

An Introduction to Simulation Design and Analysis
Chair: Joan Donohue (University of South Carolina)

Statistical Analysis of Simulation Output
David Kelton (University of Cincinnati)

It Is a Far, Far Better Mean I Find...
Susan Sanchez (University of Missouri-St. Louis)

An Introduction to Input Modeling
Chair: Steve Park (College of William and Mary)

Seven Habits of Highly Successful Input Modelers
Larry Leemis (College of William and Mary)

Modeling Dependencies in Stochastic Simulation Inputs
James Wilson (North Carolina State University)

An Introduction to Verification, Validation & Accreditation
Chair: John Steffey (TRAC LEE)

Simulation Model Verification and Validation: Increasing the Users' Confidence
Stewart Robinson (Aston Business School)

Optimizing the Selection of V V & A Activities-A Risk/Benefit Approach
Paul Muessig (Naval Air Warfare Center)
Dennis Laack, John Wrobleski (Computer Sciences Corp.)

An Introduction to Scheduling with Simulation
Chair: Eric Yang (Delta Airlines, Inc.)

An Introduction to Planning and Scheduling with Simulation
Roger Beadle (Lanner Group, Inc.)

An Introduction to Visualization of Simulation Data
Chair: Lawrence Leemis (College of William & Mary)

Visualize a Port in Africa
James Robinson (LEXIS-NEXIS)

An Introduction to Object-Oriented Simulation
Chair: D. J. Joshi (Motorola)

An Introduction to Object-Oriented Simulation in C++
Jeffrey Joines, Stephen Roberts (North Carolina State University)

An Introduction to Manufacturing Simulation
Chair: Timothy Miller (Systemflow Simulations)

Simulation of Manufacturing Systems
Averill Law, Michael McComas (Averill M. Law & Associates, Inc.)

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Analysis of Manufacturing Systems
Chair: Barbara Mazziotti (Textile/Clothing Technology Corporation)

Simulation of a Paint Shop Power and Free Line
Edward Williams (Ford Motor Company)
Shigeru Sadakane (Production Modeling Corporation)

Using a Simulation to Generate the Data to Balance an Assembly Line
Mark Grabau (United States Air Force)
Ruth Maurer (Walden University)
Dennis Ott (Coors Brewing Company)

Simulation of a New Product Workcell
Ron Shady, Gary Spake, Brad Armstrong (ABB Power T&D Company, Inc.)

Capacity Planning
Chair: Tom Jefferson (Intel Corporation)

Pallet Optimization and Throughput Estimation via Simulation
Edward Williams (Ford Motor Company)
Andrew Gevaert (Production Modeling Corporation)

Using Simulation to Schedule Manufacturing Resources
Hank Czarnecki, Bernard Schroer, M. Rahman (University of
Alabama in Huntsville)

Applications of Discrete Event Simulation in the Design of Automotive Powertrain Manufacturing Systems
Arun Jayaraman, Ali Gunal (Production Modeling Corporation)

Backward Simulation
Chair: Phillip Farrington (University of Alabama in Huntsville)

A Simulation-Based Backward Planning Approach for Order-Release
Edward Watson (Louisiana State University)
Deborah Medeiros (Penn State University)
Randall Sadowski (Systems Modeling Corporation)

Experiences with Backward Simulation Based Approach for Lot Release Planning
Sanjay Jain, Stephen Chan (Gintic Institute of Manufacturing Technology)

Evaluating Embedded Decision Processes of Manufacturing Systems Through Simulation
S. Cem Karacal (Southern Illinois University)

Manufacturing Simulation Consulting Forum
Chair: Brad Armstrong (ABB Power T&D)

Manufacturing Simulation Consultants' Forum
Brad Armstrong (ABB Power T&D Company, Inc.)
Michelle Benjamin (Textile/Clothing Technology Corporation)
Marvin Seppanen (Productive Systems)
Richard Kilgore (Thread Technologies)
Charles White (DuPont)

Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Chair: David Bartholic (ABB Power T&D)

The Use of Simulation in Activity-Based Costing for Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Soemon Takakuwa (Nagoya University)

Flexible Modeling of Manufacturing Systems with Variable Levels of Detail
Tillal Eldabi, Ray Paul (Brunel University)

Part and Tool Flow Management in Multi-Cell Flexible Manufacturing System
Mustafa Ozbayrak (Marmara University)
Kursad Turker, Melek Pisman (Sakarya University)

Inventory Management
Chair: K. Heinz Weigl (Technical University of Vienna)

Evaluating Forecasting Algorithms and Stocking Level Strategies Using Discrete-Event Simulation
Gregory Clay, Frank Grange (Perot Systems Corporation)

Evaluation of a (R,s,Q,c) Multi-Item Inventory Replenishment Policy Through Simulation
Carlos Ramirez Cerda (Avenida Industria Automotriz S/W)
Armando Espinosa de los Monteros F. (ITESM Campus Toluca)

Real Time Discrete Event Simulation of a PCB Production System for Operational Support
Mats Jackson (ABB Management Consultants AB)
Christer Johansson (Linkoping University)

Finite-Capacity Scheduling
Chair: Darrell Starks (Integral Solutions)

A Simulation-Based Finite Capacity Scheduling System
Alexander Weintraub, Andrew Zozom Jr., Thom Hodgson,
Denis Cormier (North Carolina State University)

A Simulation-Based Controller for Distributed Discrete-Event Systems with Application to Flexible Manufacturing
Fernando Gonzalez, Wayne Davis (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Creating a Flexible, Simulation-Based Finite Scheduling Tool
Barbara Mazziotti, Richard Horne, Jr. (Textile/Clothing Technology Corporation)

Sequencing and Scheduling Applications
Chair: Barbara Hurley (ABB ETI)

Application of Simulation to Scheduling, Sequencing, and Material Handling
Edward Williams (Ford Motor Company)
Ramu Narayanaswamy (Production Modeling Corporation)

A Sortation System Model
Arun Jayaraman, Ramu Narayanaswamy, Ali Gunal (Production Modeling Corporation)

Efficient Simulation/Optimization of Dispatching Priority with "Fake" Processing Time
Susumu Morito, Keun Hyung Lee (Waseda University)

Manufacturing Applications
Chair: Jaime Trevino (ABB)

A Simulation Testbed for Comparing the Performance of Alternative Control Architectures
Paul Rogers, Robert Brennan (University of Calgary)

Simulation of Group Work Processes in Manufacturing
Willi Bernhard, Alex Schilling (Basel Institute of Technology)

Solving Engine Maintenance Capacity Problems with Simulation
Robert Gatland, Eric Yang (Delta Air Lines, Inc.)
Kenneth Buxton (Georgia Institute of Technology)

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Military Applications

Operational Modeling
Chair: Glenn Bailey (Air Force Institute of Technology)

Object-Oriented Simulation of Paratrooper-Vortex Interactions
Glenn Bailey, Jose Belano, Phillip Beran, Jack Kloeber,
Hans Petry (Air Force Institute of Technology)

Sea Based Logistics: Distribution Problems for Future Global Contingencies
Keebom Kang, Kevin Gue (Naval Postgraduate School)

Eagle View: A Simulation Tool for Wing Operations
Eric Zahn, Kerris Renken (TASC)

Verification and Validation for Combat Modeling
Chair: Dean Hartley III (Oak Ridge National Labs)

Verification & Validation in Military Simulations
Dean Hartley III (Oak Ridge National Labs)

Applications of the Universal Joint Task List to Joint Exercise Results
Samuel Parry, Michael McAneny, Richard Dromerhauser
(Naval Postgraduate School)

System Concept Development with Virtual Prototyping
James Schaaf, Jr., Faye Thompson (BDM International)

Defense Modeling Environments
Chair: Curtis Blais (VisiCom Laboratories, Inc.)

Executing the DoD Modeling and Simulation Strategy - Making Simulation Systems of Systems a Reality
James Hollenbach, William Alexander (Defense Modelling and Simulation Office)

Continuous Simulation of Air Base Assets (CSAA)- "Integrating Logistics Support Operations"- A Proposed Methodology
Stephen Parker (Parker Industrial Engineering & Computer Simulation Corp.)
Patrick Williams (BDM Federal, Inc.)

Using Compensating Reconfiguration to Maintain Military Distributed Simulations
Donald Welch (University of Maryland)
James Purtilo (University of Maryland and UMIACS)

Abstraction Techniques in Military Modeling
Chair: Alex Sisti (Rome Laboratory/IRAE)

Using Response Surface Methodology to Link Force Structure Budgets to Campaign Objectives
James Grier (HQ USAF/XPPP)
Glenn Bailey, Jack Jackson (Air Force Institute of Technology)

A Framework for the Simulation Experimentation Process
Thomas Fall (Lockheed Martin Western Development Laboratories)

Automating the Metamodeling Process
Don Caughlin (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs)

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Modeling Methodology

Simulation Synopsis: Views from a User
Chair: Richard Nance (Virginia Tech)

Focus Paper: Issues in Modeling and Simulation: Policies and Technologies
David Pratt, Drew Beasley [Joint Simulation System (JSIMS)]

Harry Crisp (Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division)
Thomas Mastaglio (Virginia Modeling Analysis and Simulation Center)
C. Michael Overstreet (Old Dominion University)

Advances in Parallel and Distributed Simulation
Chair: Ernest Page (The MITRE Corporation)

Design and Implementation of HLA Time Management in the RTI Version F.0
Christopher Carothers, Richard Fujimoto (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Richard Weatherly, Annette Wilson (The MITRE Corporation)

Java Based Conservative Distributed Simulation
Alois Ferscha, Michael Richter (University of Vienna)

Minimum Cost Adaptive Synchronization: Experiments with the ParaSol System
Edward Mascarenhas (Silicon Graphics Computer Systems)
Felipe Knop (IBM Corporation)
Vernon Rego (Purdue University)

Multiagent Systems and Simulation
Chair: H. Szczerbicka (University of Bremen)
A. Uhrmacher (University of Ulm)

Simulation of Multiple Time-Pressured Agents
Scott Anderson (Spelman College)

Simulation-Based Planning for Multi-Agent Environments
Jin Joo Lee (LSI Logic Corporation)
Paul Fishwick (University of Florida)

Simulation and Control of Reactive Systems
Pawel Gburzynsk (University of Alberta)
Jacek Maitan (Tools for Sensors)

Performance Measurement in Parallel & Distributed Simulation
Chair: Philip Barry (The MITRE Corporation)

A Performance Monitoring Application for Distributed Interactive Simulations (DIS)
David Cavitt, C. Michael Overstreet, Kurt Maly (Old Dominion University)

A Framework for Performance Analysis of Parallel Discrete Event Simulators
Vijay Balakrishnan, Peter Frey,Nael Abu-Ghazaleh, Philip Wilsey (University of Cincinnati)

Parallel Simulation of TCP/IP Using TeD
Brian Premore, David Nicol (Dartmouth College)

Innovative Techniques in Parallel Simulation
Chair: Manuel Rossetti (University of Virginia)

Cloning: A Novel Method for Interactive Parallel Simulation
Maria Hybinette, Richard Fujimoto (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Checkpoint and Recovery Methods in the ParaSol Simulation System
Edward Mascarenhas (Silicon Graphics Computer Systems)
Felipe Knop (IBM Corporation)
Reuben Pasquini, Vernon Rego (Purdue University)

Multiplexed State Saving for Bounded Rollback
Fabian Gomes (Nortel)
Brian Unger (University of Calgary)
John Cleary, Steve Franks (University of Waikato)

Advances in Web-Based Simulation
Chair: Steven Farr (Rome Laboratory/IRAE)

Web-Based Simulation in Simjava Using Remote Method Invocation
Ernest Page, Robert Moose, Sean Griffin (The Mitre Corporation)

Silk: A Java-Based Process Simulation Language
Kevin Healy, Richard Kilgore (Thread Technologies)

SimJAVA - A Framework for Modeling Queueing Networks in Java
Wolfgang Kreutzer, Jane Hopkins, Marcel van Mierlo (University of Canterbury)

Validation, Verification and Accreditation Panel
Chair: J. D. Arthur (Virginia Tech)

Verification, Validation & Accreditation: Disciplines in Dialogue or Can We Learn From the Experiences of Others?
James Arthur, Richard Nance (Virginia Tech)
Robert Sargent (Syracuse University)
Dolores Wallace (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Linda Rosenberg (Unisys/NASA GSFC)
Paul Muessig (Naval Air Warfare Center)

Simulation Support Environments
Chair: Robert Moose (The MITRE Corporation)

A Framework for Developing and Managing Objects in a Complex Simulation System
James Barrett (NYMA, Inc.)

SimTutor: A Multimedia Intelligent Tutoring System for Simulation Modeling
Tajudeen Atolagbe, Vlatka Hlupic (Brunel University)

The Four Phase Method for Modelling Complex Systems
Hamad Odhabi, Ray Paul, Robert Macredie (Brunel University)

Advances in Modeling Methodology
Chair: Neale Hirsh (Bell Atlantic)

Structured Models and Dynamic Systems Analysis: The Integration of the IDEF0/IDEF3 Modeling Methods and Discrete Event Simulation
Larry Whitman, Brian Huff (University of Texas at Arlington)
Adrien Presley (Truman State University)

Methodology for the Increased Computational Efficiency of Discrete-Event Simulation in 3 Dimensional Space
Eugene Paulo, Linda Malone (University of Central Florida)

Integrating Distributed Simulation Objects
Joseph Heim (University of Washington)

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Research to Application

Success Stories: Business Process Re-engineering
Chair: Kathi Hunt (Imagine That, Inc.)

Simulation Success Stories: Business Process Re-engineering
Kathi Hunt (Imagine That, Inc.)
Gregory Hansen (Computer Aided Process Improvement)
Edwin Madigan (NCR Retail Systems Group)
Richard Phelps (Simulation Dynamics, Inc)

Success Stories: Health Care
Chair: Catherine Barnes (Micro Analysis and Design, Inc.)

Success Stories in Simulation in Health Care
Catherine Barnes (Micro Analysis and Design, Inc.)
Carson Benson (FreemanWhite, Inc.)
Deirdre McGuinness (Premier Inc.)

Success Stories: Manufacturing
Chair: Dave Sly (Cimtechnologies Corporation)

Research to Application Success Stories: Manufacturing
Dave Sly (Cimtechnologies Corporation)
Sanjay Upendram, Onur Ulgen (Production Modeling Corporation)
Jim Dooley (Callaway Golf)
Jason Duff (Sante Fe Technologies, Inc.)

Technology Transfer: Manufacturing
Chair: Gene Paulo (University of Central Florida)

Selective Rerouting using Simulated Steady State System Data
Catherine Harmonosky (Penn State University)
Robert Farr (RPS, Inc.)
Ming Chuan Ni (China Motor Corporation)

A Simulation-Based Production Testbed
Albert Jones, Michael Iuliano (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Genetic Algorithms for Cluster Analysis for Production Simulation
Robert Entriken, Siegfried Vossner (Stanford University)

Technology Transfer: Visual Simulation
Chair: Jerry Evans (University of Louisville)

A Framework for Distributed Object-Oriented Multimodeling and Simulation
Robert Cubert, Paul Fishwick (University of Florida)

The Visual Simulation Environment Technology Transfer
Osman Balci, Richard Nance (Virginia Tech)
Anders Bertelrud, Chuck Esterbrook (ORCA Computer, Inc.)

Simulation of Memory Chip Line Using an Electronics Manufacturing Simulator
Douglas Estremadoyro, Phillip Farrington, Bernard Schroer,
James Swain (University of Alabama in Huntsville)

Technology Transfer: Innovative Modeling I
Chair: Linda Malone (University of Central Florida)

Towards a Web Based Simulation Environment
Peter Lorenz, Heiko Dorwarth, Klaus-Christoph Ritter
(Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg)
Thomas Schriber (University of Michigan)

Taking the Work Out of Simulation Modeling: An Application of Technology Integration
Gregory Baker (Fluor Daniel Manufacturing Technologies)

Integration of Simulation with Enterprise Models
Krishnamurthy Srinivasan (Intel Corporation) Sundaresan Jayaraman (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Technology Transfer: Innovative Modeling II
Chair: Ralph Rogers (University of Central Florida)

Requirements for Transitioning Business Process Simulation Models to Real-Time Operational Systems
Peter Floss (Gensym Corporation)

A Message-Based Discrete Event Simulation Architecture
David Krahl, Steve Lamperti (Imagine That, Inc.)

Modeling Compressed Full-Motion Video
Benjamin Melamed (Rutgers University)

Education: What is a simulation professional?
Chair: Ralph Rogers (University of Central Florida)

What Makes a Modeling and Simulation Professional? The Consensus View from One Workshop
Paul Koffman, Jr. (Ford Motor Company)
Tom Mastigalo (Old Dominion University)
Richard Nance (Virginia Tech)
Ralph Rogers (University of Central Florida)
Randall Sadowski (Systems Modeling Corporation)
William Tucker (Boeing Company)
Bernard Ziegler (University of Arizona)

Education: Cooperative Learning Strategies
Chair: Shane Henderson (University of Michigan)

Activate This Classroom at Time Now
Manuel Rossetti (University of Virginia)

Cooperative Learning in Simulation
Harriet Nembhard (Auburn University)

Interactive Strategies for Developing Intuitive Knowledge as Basis for Simulation Modeling Education
Tajudeen Atolagbe, Vlatka Hlupic, Simon Taylor, Ray Paul (Brunel University)

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State-of-the-art Tutorials

Parallel and Distributed Simulation
Chair: Stewart Robinson (Aston University)

The IDES Framework: A Case Study in Development of a Parallel Discrete-Event Simulation System
David Nicol (Dartmouth College)
Michael Johnson, Ann Yoshimura (Sandia National

Web-Based Simulation
Chair: Dan Ockerman (Retek Information Systems, Inc.)

Web-Based Simulation
Paul Fishwick (University of Florida)

Simulation of Computer Systems
Chair: Wayne Davis (University of Illinois)

Simulation of Computer Systems and Applications
William Keezer (LEXIS-NEXIS)

Visualizing Parallel Simulations in Network Computing Environments: A Case Study
Christopher Carothers, Brad Topol, Richard Fujimoto, John Stasko
(Georgia Institute of Technology)
Vaidy Sunderan (Emory University)

Optimization via Simulation
Chair: Mehdi Hoseyni-Nasab (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Simulation Optimization: Methods and Applications
Yolanda Carson, Anu Maria (SUNY at Binghamton)

Random-Number Generation
Chair: Andrew F. Seila (University of Georgia)

Uniform Random Number Generators: A Review
Pierre L'Ecuyer (Universite de Montreal)

Verification, Validation and Accreditation
Chair: Yasser A. Hosni (University of Central Florida)

Verification, Validation, and Accreditation of Simulation Models
Osman Balci (Virginia Tech)

The DoD High-Level Architecture
Chair: Jin Wang (Valdosta State University)

The Department of Defense High Level Architecture
Judith Dahmann (Defense Modeling and Simulation Office)
Richard Fujimoto (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Richard Weatherly (The MITRE Corporation)

Visual-Interactive Modeling
Chair: J. Ben Fuqua (Systems Modeling Corporation)

A Java Based System for Specifying Hierarchical Control Flow Graph Models
Thorsten Daum, Robert Sargent (Syracuse University)

An HCFG Model of a Traffic Intersection Specified Using HiMASS-j
Thorsten Daum (Syracuse University)

A Panel on the Future of Simulation Software
Chair: Jerry Banks (Georgia Institute of Technology)

The Future of Simulation Software: A Panel Discussion
Jerry Banks (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Martin Barnes (Deneb Robotics, Inc.)
Werner Busenius (AESOP Corporation)
James Henriksen (Wolverine Software Corporation)
Don Hicks (ProModel Corporation)
Dane Knight (Lanner Group, Inc.)
William Lilegdon (Pritsker Corporation)
Bill Nordgren (F&H Simulations)
Dennis Pegden (Systems Modeling Corporation)
Jim Rivera (Imagine That, Inc.)
Matthew Rohrer (AutoSimulations, Inc.)

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Software/Modelware Tutorials I

Arena Software Tutorial
David Takus, David Profozich (Systems Modeling Corporation)

AweSim: The Integrated Simulation System
Alan Pritsker, Jean O'Reilly (Pritsker Corporation)

Making Better Manufacturing Decisions with AIM
Julie Ehrlich, William Lilegdon (Pritsker Corporation)

An Introduction to SLX
James Henriksen (Wolverine Software Corporation)

Simulation Using GPSS/H
Robert Crain (Wolverine Software Corporation)

The Power and Performance of Proof Animation
James Henriksen (Wolverine Software Corporation)

MedModel-Healthcare Simulation Software
Steve Denney (ProModel Corporation)

Simulation Modeling and Optimization Using ProModel
Deborah Benson (ProModel Corporation)

Introduction to ProcessModel and ProcessModel 9000
Bruce Gladwin (ProModel Corporation)
Charles Harrell (Brigham Young University)

MODSIM III - A Tutorial
John Goble (CACI Products Company)

Business Process Modeling with SIMPROCESS
Scott Swegles (CACI Products Company)

Using SiMPLE++ for Improved Modeling Efficiencies and Extending Model Life Cycles
David Kalasky, Gerald Levasseur (AESOP Corporation)

An Introduction to QUEST
Martin Barnes (Deneb Robotics, Inc.)

A Demonstration of the Integrated Supportability Analysis and Cost System (ISACS+)
Helena Weaks, James Barrett (NYMA, Inc.)

ALPHA/Sim Simulation Software Tutorial
Kendra Moore, John Brennan (ALPHATECH, Inc.)

Strategic Layout Planning for Lean Manufacturing - A LayOPT Tutorial
Ramu Narayanaswamy (Production Modeling Corporation)

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Software/Modelware Tutorials II

Before Dynamic Simulation: Systematic Layout Design from Scratch
Dave Sly (Cimtechnologies Corporation)

AutoStat: Output Statistical Analysis for AutoMod Users
John Carson (AutoSimulations, Inc.)

AutoMod Tutorial
Matthew Rohrer (AutoSimulations, Inc.)

AutoSched Tutorial
Bill Lindler (AutoSimulations, Inc.)

ExpertFit: Total Support for Simulation Input Modeling
Averill Law, Michael McComas (Averill M. Law & Associates, Inc.)

Modeling with Extend
Jim Rivera (Imagine That, Inc.)

Advanced Uses for Micro Saint Simulation Software
Catherine Barnes, Ronald Laughery (Micro Analysis and Design, Inc.)

Data Analysis and Automatic Run-Length Control in CSIM18
Herb Schwetman (Mesquite Software)
Jeffrey Brumfield (University of Texas at Austin)

The VisSim/Discrete Event Modeling Environment
Herb Schwetman (Mesquite Software)
Arun Mulpur (Visual Solutions, Inc.)

Introduction to the Visual Simulation Environment
Osman Balci, Richard Nance (Virginia Tech)
Anders Bertelrud, Chuck Esterbrook (ORCA Computer, Inc.)

Simulation of Bulk Flow and High Speed Operations
Andrew Siprelle, Richard Phelps (Simulation Dynamics, Inc.)

WITNESS Simulation Software-A Flexible Suite of Simulation Tools
Pam Markt, Michael Mayer (Lanner Group, Inc.)

An Introduction to Using ProSim for Business Process Simulation and Analysis
Malay Dalal, Madhav Erraguntla, Perakath Benjamin (Knowledge Based Systems, Inc.)

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Computer Applications

Simulating Self-Similar Network Traffic
Chair: David Chen (Motorola)

On the Effect and Control of Self-Similar Network Traffic: A Simulation Perspective
Kihong Park (Purdue University)

Fast and Physically-Based Generation of Self-Similar Network Traffic with Applications to ATM Performance Evaluation
Ashok Erramilli, Parag Pruthi (Qmetrix, Inc.)
Walter Willinger (AT&T Labs-Research)

Long-Lasting Transient Conditions in Simulations with Heavy-Tailed Workloads
Mark Crovella (Boston University)
Lester Lipsky (University of Connecticut)

Simulating Parallel Computers
Chair: Yun Lee (Bell Labs Design Automation)

Simulation of Modern Parallel Systems: A CSIM-Based Approach
Dhabaleswar Panda, Donglai Dai, Ram Kesavan,
Rajeev Sivaram, Mohammad Banikazemi, Vijay Moorthy (Ohio State University)
Debashis Basak (FORE Systems, Inc.)

Execution-Driven Simulators for Parallel Systems Design
Anand Sivasubramaniam (Penn State University)

A Hybrid Tool for the Performance Evaluation of NUMA Architectures
James Westall, Robert Geist (Clemson University)

Simulating the Internet
Chair: Ross Gagliano (Georgia State University)

Why We Don't Know How to Simulate the Internet
Vern Paxson,Sally Floyd (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory)

Model-Driven Simulation of World-Wide-Web Cache Policies
Ying Shi, Edward Watson, Ye-Sho Chen (Louisiana State University)

Evaluating the Performances of Electronic Commerce Systems
Shahar Yarden (COMSYS Information Technology Services)

Simulating ATM Networks
Chair: Carroll Day (F&H Simulations)

A Virtual PNNI Network Testbed
Kalyan Perumalla (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Matthew Andrews (M.I.T.)
Sandeep Bhatt (Bellcore)

Modeling a 10 Gbit/s/port Shared Memory ATM Switch
Tawfik Lazraq, Jakob Brundin (Royal Institute of Technology)
Per Andersson (Lund University)
Ake Arvidsson (University of Karlskrona/Ronneby)

Time-Parallel Generation of Self-Similar ATM Traffic
Ioanis Nikolaidis (University of Alberta)
C. Anthony Cooper (Lucent Technologies)
Kalyan Perumalla, Richard Fujimoto (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Simulating Computer Systems
Chair: Chester Harris (Ohio State University)

A Stochastic Disk I/O Simulation Technique
Niki Thornock, Xiao-Hong Tu, J. Kelly Flanagan (Brigham Young University)

Collision Awareness Multiple Access Networks Performance Optimization
Paul Wang (Center for Advanced Aviation System Development)
Yoon Hong (The Mitre Corporation)

Efficient Instruction Cache Simulation and Execution Profiling with a Threaded-Code Interpreter
Peter Magnusson (Swedish Institute of Computer Science)

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INFORMS College on Simulation Ph.D. Colloquium

Chair: Marvin Nakayama (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

Conduct, Misconduct, and Cargo Cult Science
James Wilson (North Carolina State University)

Adaptive Biasing of Importance Sampling Parameters in Simulation of Telecommunication Network
Poul Heegaard (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

An Object-Oriented Analytical Tool Suite for Stochastic Simulation Models
Le-Min Yin (University of Minnesota)

Integrating Optimization Techniques in the Simulation Environment: An Application on Factory Layout
Ho Thanh Phong (ISE Program, AIT)

Simulation-Based Methods for Stochastic Optimization
Tito Manlio Homem-de-Mello (Georgia Institute of Technology

Comparison of Optimization Methods for Microsimulation Models
Gonda Neddermeijer (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

CITCAT: Constructing Instruction Traces from Cache-Filtered Address Traces
Charlton Rose (Brigham Young University)

Optimal Batching for Confidence Interval Estimation in Steady-State Simulation
Natalie Steiger (North Carolina State University)

Poster Session

Chair: Marvin Nakayama (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

Maintaining Simulation Models Validity Using Prediction Intervals
Lotfi Gaafar, Tariq Al- Dowaisan (Kuwait University)

Simulation of a Distributed Computing Environment Login Implementation
Edward Williams, Robert Marquis, Jr. (Ford Motor Company)

Two-Threshold Overload Control Mechanism in Cellular Switches
Yi-Chiun Chen, Dhananjay Joshi, David Chen (Motorola, Inc.)

Using Simulation as an Instructional Tool in the Business Classroom
Connie Nott (Central Washington University-SeaTac)

Simulation for Computer Science Majors: A Progress Report
Ruth Silverman (University of Maryland)

Adaptive Biasing of Importance Sampling Parameters in Simulation of Telecommunication Network
Poul Heegaard (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

An Object-Oriented Analytical Tool Suite for Stochastic Simulation Models
Le-Min Yin (University of Minnesota)

Comparison of Optimization Methods for Microsimulation Models
Gonda Neddermeijer (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

CITCAT: Constructing Instruction Traces from Cache-Filtered Address Traces
Charlton Rose (Brigham Young University)

Integrating Optimization Techniques in the Simulation Environment: An Application on Factory Layout
Ho Thanh Phong (ISE Program, AIT)

Simulation-Based Methods for Stochastic Optimization
Tito Manlio Homem-de-Mello (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Optimal Batching for Confidence Interval Estimation in Steady-State Simulation
Natalie Steiger (North Carolina State University)

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