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Introductory Tutorials
General Software Tutorials
Specific Software Tutorials
Modeling Methodology
Analysis Methodology
Manufacturing Applications
Military Applications
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Keynote Address

A Concise History of the Ups and Downs of Simulation
Julian Reitman
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Introductory Tutorials

Introduction to Simulation
Arne Thesen and Laurel Travis
Designing Computer Simulation Experiments
W. David Kelton
Tutorial: Analysis of Simulation Output to Compare Alternatives
Gordon M. Clark
Rapid Modeling Tools for Manufacturing Simulation and Analysis
Rajan Suri and Michael Tomsicek
A Tutorial on Validation and Verification of Simulation Models
Robert G. Sargent
Simulation of Manufacturing Systems
Averill M. Law
Applying the Simulation Process
Jerry Banks and John S. Carson II
Discrete, Continuous, and Combined Simulation
Paul F. Roth
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General Software Tutorials

Introduction to SIMAN
Deborah A. Davis and C. Dennis Pegden
Perspective on Simulation Using GPSS
Thomas J. Schriber
SLAM II Tutorial
Jean J. O'Reilly and William R. Lilegdon
Modeling and Simulation Applied to Communications Systems
William C. Cave
Introduction to SIMNET v2.0
Hamdy A. Taha
Simulation Modeling and Analysis with INSIGHT: A Tutorial
Stephen D. Roberts and Mary Ann Flanigan
Factory Planning and Production Analysis Using SIMFACTORY
Bruce L. Kleine
Edward C. Russell
C Based Discrete Event Simulation Support System
Sathyakumar Selvarai, Eric L. Blair, Milton L. Smith, and William M. Marcy
GPSS/PC Graphics and Animation
Springer W. Cox
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Specific Software Tutorials

A Tutorial on TESS: The Extended Simulation Support System
Mary E. Grant and Darrell W. Starks
The SIMPLE_1 Simulation Environment
Phillip Cobbin
New Advanced Features of GPSS/H
Robert C. Crain and Daniel T. Brunner
NETWORK II.5 Tutorial: NETWORKS II.5 - Without Programming
William J. Garrison
Telecommunication Network Analysis with COMNET II.5
Robb Mills
Input Modeling with the Johnson System of Distributions
David J. DeBrota, Robert S. Dittus, James J. Swain, Stephen D. Roberts, James R. Wilson, and Sekhar Venkatraman
Animation with CINEMA
Trevor Miles, Randall P. Sadowski, and Barbara M. Werner
A Tutorial on UNIFIT: An Interactive Computer Package for Fitting Probability Distributions to Observed Data
Averill M. Law and Stephen G. Vincent
The MAST Simulation Environment Analyzing Low Frequency Inventory
John E. Lenz and James R. Gross
Distributed Simulation
Brian W. Unger
Heterogenous Distributed Simulation
Paul F. Reynolds, Jr.
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Modeling Methodology

The Object Library for Parallel Simulation (OLPS)
Marc Abrams
The Methodology Roles in the Realization of a Model Development Environment
Richard E. Nance and James D. Arthur
Towards an Implementation of a Knowledge-Based System Design and Simulation Environment
Jerzy W. Rozenblit, Tag Gon Kim, and Bernard P. Zeigler
Large Project Simulation: A Powerful Tool for Project Management Analysis
Charles S. Ondash, Stephen Maloney, and Juan M. Huerta
Automatic Programming Assistant for Network Simulation Models
Fan T. Tseng, Bernard J. Schroer, S. X. Zhang, and John W. Wolfsberger
Using CSIM to Model Complex Systems
Herb Schwetman
Hierarchical, Modular Simulation Modeling in Icon-Based Simulation Program Generators for Manufacturing
Timothy Thomasma and Onur M. Ulgen
Constraint-Based User Interfaces for Simulations
Raimund K. Ege
The Role of Animation in Decision-Making
J. Michael Binnie and David L. Martin
The Perspective on Object-Oriented Simulation
Stephen D. Roberts and Joe Heim
Systems Theory Instrumented Simulation Modeling
Jerzy W. Rozenblit
The Implementation of Four Conceptual Frameworks for Simulation Modeling in High-Level Languages
Osman Balci
Wolf: A Rollback Algorithm for Optimistic Distributed Simulation Systems
Vijay Madisetti, Jean Walrand, and David Messerschmitt
High Performance Parallelized Discrete Event Simulation of Stochastic Queueing Networks
David M. Nicol
A Unified Modeling Methodology for Performance Evaluation of Distributed Discrete Event Simulation Mechanisms
Bruno R. Preiss, Wayne M. Loucks, and V. Carl Hamacher
A Spectrum of Options for Parallel Simulation
Paul F. Reynolds, Jr.
Implementation Parallelized Queueing Network Simulations Using FORTRAN and Data Abstraction
Keith W. Miller and David M. Nicol
Automatic Development of Parallel Simulation Models in ADA
Carolyn K. Davis, Sallie V. Sheppard, and William M. Lively
Modeling Viewpoints for Assessing Reliability
A. Alan B. Pritsker
One System, Several Perspectives, Many Models
James O. Henriksen
Intelligent Simulation Environments: Identification of the Basics
Jordan Snyder and Gerald T. Mackulack
Improving Digital Circuit Simulation: A Kknowledge Based Approach
John A. Benavides and Dana L. Wyatt
Modeling Qualitative Issues in Military Simulations with the RAND-ABEL Language
P. D. Allen and B. A. Wilson
Search and Rescue: A Case Study of Design Flexibility
Kenneth N. McKay and Jan Laube
State Event in Combined Simulation
Irma Angulo and Gholamreza Torkzadeh
Computer Aided Petri Net Design for Decision-Making Organizations
I. M. Kyratzoglou
Validation: Expanding the Boundaries (Panel)
Robert G. Sargent, Richard C. Nance, Jerry Banks, Jorge Haddock, Kenneth N. McKay, Nelson Pacheco, and Jeff Rothenburg
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Analysis Methodology

Small-Sample Theory for Steady State Confidence Intervals
Chia-Hon Chien
Minimal-MSE Linear Combinations of Variance Estimators of the Sample Mean
Wheyming Tina Song and Bruce Schmeiser
Confidence Intervals and Orthonormally Weighted Standardized Time Series
Robert D. Foley and David Goldsman
Generating Sums in Constant Average Time
Luc Devroye
Linear Congruential Generators of Order K>1
Pierre L'Ecuyer and Francois Blouin
On Selecting the Best of K Systems: An Expository Survey of Subset-Selection Multinomial Procedures
Pinyuen Chen
Indifference-Zone Selection Procedures for Choosing the Best Airspace Configuration
Douglas Gray and David Goldsman
Optimization over a Finite Number of System Designs with One-Stage Sampling and Multiple Comparisons with the Best
Jason C. Hsu and Barry L. Nelson
A Comparison of Confidence Region Estimators for Multivariate Simulation Output
John M. Charnes and W. David Kelton
Multivariate Estimation and Variance Reduction in Terminating and Steady-State Simulation
Wei-Ning Yang and Barry L. Nelson
Covariance of Regenerative Mean and Variance Estimators for the Markov Chains
James M. Calvin
Comparison of Methods for Fitting Data Using Johnson Translation Distributions
Robert H. Storer, James J. Swain, Sekhar Venkatraman, and James R. Wilson
Bootstrap and Correlated Data
David Alan Grier
Bootstrap in Time Series Models
Arup Bose
Variance Reduction in Mean Time to Failure Simulation
Perwez Shahabuddin, Victor F. Nicola, Philip Heidelberger, Ambuj Goyal, and Peter W. Glynn
Stochastic Flow Networks: How Component Criticality Changes with Component Reliability
Christos Alexopoulos and George S. Fishman
Simulation Graphs
Lee W. Schruben and Enver Yucesan
Using Perturbation Analysis for Gradient Estimation, Averaging and Updating in a Stochastic Approximation Algorithm
Michael C. Fu and Yu-Chi Ho
Performance Continuity and Differentiability in Monte Carlo Optimization
Paul Glasserman
Smoothed Perturbation Analysis Algorithm for a G/G/1 Routing Problem
Wei-Bo Gong
An Algorithm for Testing Serial Dependence of Simulation Output Data
J. William Schmidt and Chin-Fu Ho
Stratified Sampling in the Simplex with Applications to Estimating Statistical Distributions
Russell C. H. Cheng and Teresa R. Davenport
Initializing for Bias Reduction: Some Analytical Considerations
Joseph R. Murray and W. David Kelton
Some Extensions and Limitations of Frequency Domain Experiments
Arnold H. Buss
The Global Simulation Clock as the Frequency Domain Experiment Index
Sheldon H. Jacobson, Doug Morrice, and Lee W. Schruben
Alternative Methods for Generating and Analyzing the Output Series of Frequency Domain Experiments
Tapas K. Som and Robert T. Sargent
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Manufacturing Applications

Analysis of Different AGV Control Systems in an Integrated IC Manufacturing Facility, Using Computer Simulation
Kowdle Prasad and Madhav Rangaswami
Simulation of Discrete Conveyor Systems
Donald B. Hopings
Bridging the Gap: Transferring Logic from a Simulation Into an Actual System Controller
Roger McHaney
Performance Analysis of Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems - A Comparative Approach
B. Mustafa Pulat and P. Simin Pulat
Simulation Analysis of Narrow-Aisle Order Selection Systems
Paul M. Mellema and Charles A. Smith
Why a Single Aisle Miniload System is Not Simple to Model
Neal M. Bengtson and Ricardo J. Gomez
A Generic Simulator for Continuous Manufacturing
Michael G. Ketchum and Chandrashekar Krishnaswamy
Transforming a Traditional Manufacturing System into a JUST-IN-TIME System with KANBAN
Harold Dyck, Richard A. Johnson, and Jay Varzandeh
Simulation Modeling of Just-in-Time Assembly Systems Using an Information-Based Methodology
Michael G. Ketcham
Simulation at Digital Equipment Corporation: The Process Expert as Simulation Expert
Michael J. O'Loughlin, Michael T. Meagher, and Richard J. Harper
The Project Approach to Simulation Language Comparison
F. Bradley Armstrong and Scott Sumner
A Statistical Method for Generating Order Information for Simulation Modeling and Analysis
David L. Martin and F. Bradley Armstrong IV
Simulation of a Finished Goods Allocation System
Edward F. Stafford, Jr. and Bernard J. Schroer
Capacity Choice, Work-in-Progress Inventory and Throughput: A Simulation Study
G. G. Hegde, K. Ramamurthy, P. R. Tadikamalla, and Sunder Kekre
Analysis of Low Inventory Manufacturing Using MIM
John E. Lenz
Analysis of a Factory of the Future Using an Integrated Set of Software for Manufacturing Systems Modeling
Masami Shimizu and David Van Zoest
Steel Product Transportation and Storage Simulation: A Combined Simulation/Optimization Approach
Nobuyuki Ueno, Yoshiyuki Nakagawa, Yoshihiro Okuno, and Susumo Morito
Integrating a Modified Simulated Annealing Algorithm with the Simulation of a Manufacturing System to Optimize Buffer Sizes in Automatic Assembly Systems
Akif Asil Bulgak and Jerry L. Sanders
Rapid modeling: Implications for business planning
Kenneth R. Anderson and Gregory W. Diehl
A Preliminary Group Technology Classification Scheme for Manufacturing Simulation Models
Nur E. Ozdemirel, Gerald T. Mackulak, and Jeffery K. Cochran
Simulation in a CIM Environment: Structure for Analysis and Real-Time Control
Catherine M. Harmonosky and Dean C. Barrick
Discrete-Event Simulation of Wafer Fabrication Facility
Karen A. Pitts
JIT, Truck Docks, and Simulation
William H. Moll
A Forum on Selecting Simulation/Animation Software for Manufacturing (Panel)
Averill M. Law, Cindy L. Morey, Mark Zimmerman, C. Dennis Pegden, Jerry Banks, F. Hank Grant, and Douglas G. MacFarland
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Military Applications

A Development Methodology for Adding Map-Based Graphics to the Theater War Exercise
Darrell A. Quick and Mark A. Roth
Utilizing Abstraction and Perspective in Battle Simulation
Paul A. Fishwick and Steven M. Walzcak
Air Operations Modeling in a Wargaming Environment
Paul E. Rubin and Joseph L. Sowers
Simulation: The Correct Approach to Complex Availability Problem
Gene J. Schroeder and Marvin M. Johnson
A Logistics Model of Coast Guard Buoy Tending Operations
Leonard C. Kingsley, Kenneth S. Klesczewski, and Joe A. Smith
A Space Logistics Simulation Implementation in Ada
Jesus Borrego, Frank Cheng, and Ron Janz
Performance Analysis of a Generic Naval c2 Battle Group System by Use of Timed Petri Nets
Bong-Wan Choi and Way Kuo
Validation Methodologies for Complex, Hybrid, HWIL, 6DOF Missile Simulations - A Structured Approach
Robert M. Gravitz and William F. Waite
EW-GEMS: System Concepts and Development Process of an Electronic Warfare Simulation
Raymond E. Gallagher, Frederick C. Christie, Kenneth R. Kaiser, and John T. Pattee
Validation of a Simulation Model for the National Airspace System
Melvyn Cheslow
Simulating the National Airspace System
William E. Weiss and Elizabeth S. Lacher
Airline Performance Modelling to Support Schedule Development: An Application Case Study
R. A. Haeme, J. L. Huttinger, and R. W. Shore
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Comparison of an Unsaturated Soil Zone Model (SESOIL) Predictions with a Laboratory Leaching Experiment
D. M. Hetrick, C. C. Travis, and R. S. Kinerson
Fox River Locks SLAM Simulation Model
D. Brent Bandy
A Comprehensive Agricultural System Simulation Model: The Case of Broiler Growers
C. M. Gempesaw II
A Simulator for Asynchronous Hybercube Communications
M. G. Roth and M. D. Wiley
A Simulation of a Store-and-Forward Distributed Network of Transputers
Janice R. Glowacki
On Modeling Local Area Networks
Louis Y. Tsui and Onur M. Ulgen
A Graphical Simulation Environment for Stochastic Investment Analysis
Jong S. Huang
Warranty Cost Estimation Using Simulation
Jayprakash G. Patankar and Keith A. Klafehn
Using Simulation to Determine the Costs of Offering Caps on Adjustable Rate Mortgages
Thomas W. McDowell
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Teaching Simulation in a School of Business (Panel) [No paper submitted]
Andrew Seila, Susan Soloman, Pandu Tadikamalla, Avril Law, and Andrew Andrews
Simulation Education (Panel)
Voratas Kachitvichyanukul, George S. Fishman, David H. Withers, Thomas Clark, Bruce Schmeiser, and Lee Schruben
Teaching Simulation with Sigma
Lee Schruben and David Briskman
Using an Enhanced General-Purpose Language for Teaching Simulation
Andrew F. Seila
CONVERISM - A Teaching Simulation Language Incorporating a Conversational Model Builder
Paul F. Roth and Robert Brown
Easy-to-Use Simulation "Packages:" What Can You Really Model? (Panel)
Daniel T. Brunner, Steven D. Duket, Dean B. Foussianes, Peter L. Haigh, Andrew J. Junga, and Paul M. Mellema
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Late Submissions

Continuous System Simulation Languages (CSSL's)
Ralph C. Huntsinger
Simulation and Material Handling System Design (Panel) [No paper submitted]
Van Norman, Steven Parsley, Deborah Kotlarek, Paul Mellema, and Merriel Dewsnup
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