Languages for Simulation 1
Aerospace Applications
Biomedical Simulation 1
Financial/Econometric Models
Biomedical Simulation 2
Combined Discrete/Continous Simulation
Managerial Applications
Environmental Systems
Simulation in Government
Health/Hospital Services
Behavior and Learning Models
Simulation Methodology 1
Emulation of Computer Systems
Analog/Hybrid Systems
Toward Better GPSS Implementations
Transportation Vehicle Simulation
Simulation of Computer Systems 1
Manufacturing Applications
Languages for Simulation II
Simulation of Computer Systems II
Urban Transportation Problems
Transportation Operations
Pipeline and Hydrodynamic Systems
Simulation of Dynamic Systems
Simulation Methodology II

Languages for Simulation 1

An Improved Simulation Language Approach for Large Scale Simulation and Time Critical Operation
Willard M. Holmes and Alex C. Jolly
Business Oriented Simulation System (B.O.S.S.): A Simulation Language Based on Cobol
Andreas Philippakis
FORTSIM - Simulation Using Structured FORTRAN Plus Table Management
Richard D. Crum, Sen-Lang Wang, and Edward H. Cooper
Conditions, Criteria, and Caveats for Computer Simulation with Cobol
Francis J. Brewerton, R. Wayne Gober, and Elias R. Callahan
An Interactive Language for Discute Digital Simulation
G. K. Hutchinson
A New Look at Process Oriented Simulation Languages
Jair M. Babad and Linus Schrage
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Aerospace Applications

A Semi-Physical Missile Simulation Facility
Thomas A. Atherton
Simulation Procedures for Analysis of Missile Systems
Ernest L. Kohler
Fleet Planning Model
David P. Shube and John W. Stroup
Simulation of a CCD Star Tracker
E. M. Winter and D. P. Wisemiller
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Biomedical Simulation 1

A Computer System to Quantify Exercise on a Mass Basis
J. Gerry Purdy, Kenneth H. Cooper, and Steve R. White
Human Oculomotor Control Simulation
C. C. Collins
Interactive Simulation Language for Hybrid Computers
R. D. Benham and G. R. Taylor
Simulation of Abnormal Eye Movements in Cerebellar Disease
Alfred L. Ochs, William F. Hoyt, John B. Selhorst, and Lawrence Stark
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Financial/Econometric Models

Let Us Pay Heed to These Elasticities of Demand
G. S. Gill
Continuous System Techniques Applied to Macro Economic Systems Simulation
Royce Townsend
Optimal Profit Scheduling of a Computer Center
Walter L. Whipple
Simulation of Socio-Economic Conditions in a Canadian River Basin Using Cross Impact Analysis
Anand S. Aggarwal and Gerald E. Brown
Experimental Inquiries: A Mathematical Approach
Guy C. Corynen
Economic Circuit Analysis
Walter L. Whipple
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Biomedical Simulation 2

Simulation of Nerve Cell Kinetics Using Interactive Simulation Language
R. D. Benham and Daniel K. Hartline
Techniques for Simulating Craniofacial Change
Geoffrey F. Walker and Charles J. Kowalski
A Discrete Representation of DNA Distribution and Observability for Identification of Cancer Cell Cycle Kinetics
M. Kim and Seymour Perry
Interacting Neural Networks on a Cortical Surface
J. W. B. Mates and J. M. Horowitz
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Combined Discrete/Continous Simulation

Simulation in the Design of a Corn Syrup Refinery
Ray W. Schooley
Computer System Simulation with GASP IV
Gain Wong
AN-TCC-39 Circuit Switch Simulation
R. Green and M. Fox
Intermodal Transshipment Facility Simulation - A Case Study
E. A. Nagy
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Managerial Applications

Optimization of a Corporate Phone System via Computer Control
R. E. Buten and M. E. Doherty
Modeling an Inventory Control Simulation: The Application of a Protocol Methodology
Donald G. McGregor and James W. Kho
Effective Representation of Non-Normal Factor Variability in Risk Analysis Simulation: A Comparative Study
Francis J. Brewerton, Robert W. Brobst, and R. Wayne Gober
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Environmental Systems

A Simulation of Field Populations of Insects (Heliothis in Cotton)
M. W. Parker, L. G. Brown, F. A. Harris, and G. L. Andrews
A Computer Simulation of the Invasion of the Exotic Tree Species Melaleuca Quinquenervia in South Florida
Barry R. Sedlik, B. L. Capehart, J. J. Ewel, and R. L. Meyers
A Practical Methodology for River Quality Simulation through the Stage-Wise Generation of Transition Function
Sayeed Hasan and Chia Shun Shih
A Three-Dimensional Model of Hail Volumes in the Atmosphere as Extrapolated form Surface Measurements
T. R. Nicholas
The Use of Computer Simulation Games in the Training of Applied Ecologists
Hiram W. Li
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Simulation in Government

Simulation of GRS Formula Alternatives
R. C. Wilson, D. H. Kaskowitz, W. C. Grindley, and D. A. D'Esopa
A Security Force-Adversary Engangement Simulation
H. A. Bennett
Fixed-Site Physical Protection System Modeling
Leon D. Chapman
Public Safety Communications Systems Simulation
D. J. Alliston and D. S. Kochar
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Health/Hospital Services

An Acute Bed Need Simulation Model
Louis G. Stier and Spencer M. Smith
Modular Modeling for Simulation of Health Facilities
G. Miles Johnson and William W. Happ
Simulation Requirements for Health Hospital Services
Gerald N. Pitts and Barry L. Bateman
Planning Daycare Services in Israel Using Systems Dynamics
Mitchel F. Bloom and Joseph Ben-Or
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Behavior and Learning Models

An Associative Learning Model of the McCollough Effect
Fanya S. Montalvo
Simulation Learning Within the Communication Networks
Barry Shane
Institutionalized Decision Making and Valid Computer Simulations
Michael Inbar
The Interactive Gaming Simulation Language: An Introduction
Douglas E. Van Hoeling
A Temporal Sequence Learning Model
James C. Stanley
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Simulation Methodology 1

Flowgraph Tutorial: Guidelines for Constructing Network Models of Complex, Probabilistic Processes
James A. Winter and William W. Happ
Discrete Markov Simulation
Salah M. Yousif
The Gated Queue Node: Properties of a New Element for Stochastic Queueing Networks
Nancy Blom, Yoichi Akiba, and W. W. Happ
Random Numbers: Is Congruential Best
John Huseby
The Viking Orbiter Uplink Command Generation and Validation via Simulation
Maurice B. McEvoy
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Emulation of Computer Systems

An Emulation of the IBM System/3 on the Microdata 1600 Minicomputer
Donald M. Wyckoff
Emulation of the HP 21MX Computer
Dan H. Barnes and Larry L. Wear
Emulation of a Tag-Driven Generalized (G) Stock Machine
Jerry Dillon
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Analog/Hybrid Systems

Analysis of Transient Data Using Hybrid Techniques
Norbert E. Pobanz
Hybrid Simulation of Kalman Algorithm in a Direct Digital Control System
Ming H. Kuo
Frame Rate Requirements for Digital Function Generation in Hybrid Computing Loops
Robert M. Howe
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Toward Better GPSS Implementations

Building a Better GPSS: A 3:1 Performance Enhancement
James O. Henriksen
GPSS 10: Interactive GPSS for the DECsystem-10
M. David Martin
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Transportation Vehicle Simulation

Dynamic Computer Simulation of an Engine Intake and Carburetion System
Mont Hubbard
Realistic Road-Track Systems Simulation Using Digital Computers
Davorin Hrovat and Donald Margolis
Bond Graph Methods Applied to the Vibration Control of a Large Aircraft Wing
Donald Margolis
An Advanced Computer Program for Determining Vehicle Emissions and Fuel Economy Within a Surface Street Network
H. Sylvia Porjes, Camille Speisman, and Philip H. Young
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Simulation of Computer Systems 1

Channel Balancing in a Memory Hierarchy - A Case Study
Derrell V. Foster and J. C. Browne
Processor Scheduling Simulation
Daniel Martin
An Operating-System-Based Simulation Language
M. H. MacDougall
A Model for Performance Analysis of Computer Systems
James W. Kho
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Manufacturing Applications

Simulation of a Tobacco Mechanical Harvesting and Curing Operation
R. S Sowell and L. H. Chen
Simulation of an Aggregate Production Plant Using GERTS GQ Modules
Yoichi Akiba and William W. Happ
A GPSS-V Model of a Large, High-Volume Machining Line
Leo E. Hanifin
A Simulation of the Silicothermic Production of Magnesium
Gerald S. Mueller, Mohamed I. El-Kashab, and John R. Wynnyckyj
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Languages for Simulation II

INS: Integrated Network Simulator
Stephen D. Roberts and Thomas E. Sadlowski
Multiplex Systems Simulator
J. E. Camp and J. A. Garcia
High-Level Language for Scientific and Engineering Graph Generation
Martin H. Dost, Wai Mun Syn, and Nolan N. Turner, Jr.
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Simulation of Computer Systems II

GPSS Simulation of a Proposed Mini-Computer System
Allen C. Schuermann and Everett L. Johnson
Real Time Minicomputer Simulation
Jacob Rootenberg and Lester Tennenbaum
Simulation-Aided Evaluation of Remote Batch Equipment
T. W. Dudley
The Simulation of a Microprogrammable Computer
Clement Luk and Larry L. Wear
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Urban Transportation Problems

A Scholastic Model of Residential Mobility and Urban Structure
Tenny Lam, Brian Odell, and Timothy Tardiff
The Bunching of Buses on a Route
Theodore Browne, Sheri L. Schreibman, and Philip A. Ziegelbaum
Application of Simulation Models in Traffic Management Operations
Adolf D. May
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Transportation Operations

A Railroad Classification Yard Simulation Model
Paul L. Tuan and H. Steven Procter
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Pipeline and Hydrodynamic Systems

The Response Equation Method: A New Role for Simulation of Environmental Systems
Robert Willis
A Generalized Computer Program for Steady-State Simulation of Compressible Flow in Pipelines
Wen-Ching Yu
Wissahickon Creek, Pennsylvania: A Case Study in the Application of Storm (Storage, Treatment, Overflow, and Runoff Model)
William M. Fitch, John L. Matticks, and Robert S. Taylor, Jr.
A Discrete Deterministic Pipeline Flow Simulator with On-line Scheduler Interface to Solve Dynamic Batch Scheduling Problems
Charles A. DeFelice
Some Problems in the Simulations of Very Large Hydrodynamic Systems
A. B. Nelson
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Simulation of Dynamic Systems

Engineering Modeling (Where Practise Has to Equate with Theory)
William A. Farrand
Dynamic Simulation of a Multicomponent Distillation Column
Wen-Ching Yu, A. E. Johnson, Jr., and J. A. Planchard
Tolerances in Dynamic Systems
Donald R. Falkenburg and David H. Evans
A New Computer Method of Calculation of Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions for the Schrodinger's Equation
George Morales and Robert G. McIntyre
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Simulation Methodology II

Initial Condition Bias and Experimental Design in Queueing Simulations
Mark A. Turnquist and Joseph M. Sussman
Application of Monte Carlo Simulation to a Circle Packing Problem
James L. Kerney and Thomas L. Honeycutt
A Pragmatic Comparison of Explicit Integration Algorithm Techniques
Royce Townsend
Software and Applications Modeling: An Example from Instructional Techniques
Abimbola Salako
Adaptive Step Size Integration: It Seemed Like Such a Good Idea
George A. Bekey and Man T. Ung
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