Simulation's Role in Project Development
Behavior and Learning Models
Simulation Methodology I
Simulation Methodology
Health Services
Simulation Methodology II
Manufacturing Applications
Urban Problems
Aerospace Applications
Financial Models (General)
Transportation Models
APL Applications
Gaming and Man-Machine Simulation
Methodology for the System Sciences
Night in Berkeley Laboratory
Management Applications
Languages for Simulation
Maintenance and Reliability
Paper Fair

Simulation's Role in Project Development

Discrete-Event Simulation in the Engineering/Construction Industry [No paper submitted]
D. J. Dunne
Experience with Simulation Models [No paper submitted]
T. A. Bratz
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Behavior and Learning Models

Towards a Simulation Model of Motivation and Adjustment
F. Paul Wyman, John W. Slocum, Jr., and Richard R. Reed
Simulation of an Individual Making Decisions Under Uncertainty
Francis D. Tuggle, F. Hutton Barron, and Richard O. Day
Identification of Viable Biological Strategies for Pest Management by Simulation Studies
W. W. Menke
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Simulation Methodology I

Use of Simulation to Test the Validity and Sensitivity of an Analytical Model
Prosper M. Bernard
Multiple Sequence Random Number Generators
Joe H. Mize
A "Wait-Until" Algorithm for General Purpose Simulation Languages
Jean G. Vaucher
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Simulation Methodology

Simulation of Sequential Production Systems with In-Process Inventory
David R. Anderson, Brian D. Sellers, and Mohammed M. Shamma
A Model for Analyzing Closed-Loop Conveyor Systems with Multiple Work Stations
Lynn E. Bussey and M. Palmer Terrell
A Cased Goods Conveyor Simulator
Donald A. Heimburger
A Simulator for Designing High-Rise Warehouse Systems
Kailash M. Bafna
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Fundamental GPSS Tutorial [No paper submitted]
Thomas J. Schriber
Intermediate GPSS Tutorial [No paper submitted]
Thomas J. Schriber
GASP [No paper submitted]
A. Alan B. Pritsker
Simulation of Econometric Models [No paper submitted]
B. F. Roberts
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On the Application of User Chains in GPSS
Thomas J. Schriber
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Health Services

An Evaluation of Expanded Function Auxiliaries in General Dentistry
Kerry E. Kirkpatrick, Richard S. Mackenzie, and Allen G. Delaney
The Use of Computer Simulation in Health Care Planning
O. George Kennedy
A Simulation Model of a University Health Services Outpatient Clinic
Robert Baron and Edward J. Rising
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Simulation Methodology II

Constrained Sequential-Block Search in Simulation Experimentation
William E. Biles
Optimization of Simulation Experiments
R. E. Taylor, J. W. Schmidt, and V. Chachra
A New Approach to Simulating Stable Stochastic Systems
Michael A. Crane and Donald L. Iglehart
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Manufacturing Applications

Using an Extended Version of GERT to Simulate Priority and Assignment Rules in a Labor Limited Jobshop System
Michael J. Maggard, William G. Lesso, Gary L. Hogg, and Don T. Phillips
Evaluating Job Shop Simulation Results
Carter L. Franklin II
Simulation Applied to a Manufacturing Expansion Problem Area
J. Douglas DeMaire
Cycle-Time Simulation for a Multiproduct Manufacturing Facility
M. M. Patel, J. M. Panchal, and M. T. Coughlin
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Urban Problems

A Demographic Simulation Model for Health Care, Education, and Urban Systems Planning
Philipp F. Schweizer
Simulation of New York City's Felony Adjudicatory System
Lucius J. Riccio
A Simulation Model of the New York City Fire Department: Its Use in Deployment Analysis
Grace Carter, Edward Ignall, and Warren Walker
On-Line Simulation of Urban Police Patrol and Dispatching
Richard C. Larson
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Aerospace Applications

Simulation of a Multiple Element Test Environment
Kenneth E. Dominiak and Ronald J. Ireland
Cost/Resource Model
Betty J. Lanstra
MAFLOS - A Generalized Manufacturing System Simulation
Kazuyuki Mitome, Susumu Tsuhara, Susumu Seki, and Ken'ichi Isoda
A Description of a AAW Model and Its Classroom Uses
Alvin F. Andrus
Simulation in the Design of Automated Air Traffic Control Functions
Paul D. Flanagan, Judith B. Currier, and Kenneth E. Willis
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Financial Models (General)

Accounting Rate of Return vs. True Rate of Return: Considering Variability and Uncertainty
John V. Baumler
Variability Assumptions and Their Effect on Capital Investment Risk
F. J. Brewerton and William B. Allen
A Computerized Interactive Financial Forecasting System
Philip M. Wolfe and Donald F. Deutsch
Multinational Capital Budgeting: A Simulation Model
Thomas J. Hindelang and Andre Fourcans
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Transportation Models

Simulation Analysis of Marine Terminal Investments
David W. Graff
Simulation in the Design of Unit Carrier Materials Handling Systems
W. Wayne Siesennop, Fritz A. Callies, and Neal S. Campbell
A Generalized Model for Simulating Commodity Movements by Ship
John C. Rea, David C. Nowading, and P. Wade Buckholts
Simulation of Garland, Texas Vehicular Traffic Using Current and Computed Optimal Traffic Settings
Frank P. Testa and Mark Handelman
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APL Applications

Corporate Planning Model Design: Computerized Scratch Pads
Harley M. Courtney
An Application of Simulation Models to Corporate Planning Processes
Ronald A. Seaberg
APL Models for Operational Planning of Shipment Routing, Loading and Scheduling
Richard D. Cuthbert and Larry Peckham
A Two Asset Cash Flow Simulation Model
Richard C. Grinold and Robert M. Oliver
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Gaming and Man-Machine Simulation

Progress Toward a Proposed Simulation Game Base for Curricula in Decision Sciences
Edwin L. Heard and Geoffrey Churchill
Interactive Budgeting Models: A Simulation Tool for MIS Education
Theodore J. Mock and Miklos Vasarhelyi
The Traffic Police Management Training Game
Gay Doreen Serway, Allen S. Kennedy, and Gustave Rath
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Methodology for the System Sciences

Simulation: Methodology for the System Sciences
G. Arthur Mihram
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Night in Berkeley Laboratory

A Micro-programmed APL Language Laboratory Control System [No paper submitted]
Austin Hoggatt, Mark Greenberg, and Jeffery Moore
A Business Game for Teaching Research: Some Experiences [No paper submitted]
Martin Shubik
The New York University Business Game [No paper submitted]
Myron Uretsky
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Management Applications

Corporate Simulation Models: A Review and Reappraisal
William F. Hamilton
A General University Simulation Model
H. K. Eldin and C. C. Daniel
Rate-Revenue-Cost of Service Simulation of a Natural Gas Utility
D. Jeffery Blumenthal
A Simulated Investment Analysis for a Gas Pipeline Company
Hal Miller
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Languages for Simulation

An Interactive Simulation Programming System Which Converses in English
George E. Heidorn
GASP IV: A Combined Continuous/Discrete, FORTRAN Based Simulation Language
Nichols R. Hurst and A. Alan B. Pritsker
NGPSS/6000: A New Implementation of GPSS
Karen Ast, Jerry Katzke, Jim Nickerson, Julian Reitman, and Lee Rogin
CMS/1 - A Corporate Modeling System
Robert F. Zant
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Maintenance and Reliability

A Reliability Model Using Markov Chains for Utility Evaluation of Computer Systems Onboard Ships
Carsten Boe, Tor Heimly, and Tor-Christian Mathiesen
Monte Carlo Simulation of Crosstalk in Communication Cables
A. K. Jain
Incorporation of False Alarms in Simulations of Electronic Receivers
V. P. Sobczynski and C. J. Pearson
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SIMSCRIPT [No paper submitted]
F. Paul Wyman
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Paper Fair

The Daughter of Celia, the French Flag, and the Firing Squad
G.T. Herman and W.H. Liu
An Application of Simulation to Debugging and Maintaining a Computer Network System
M.W. Collins and D.G. Harder
An Experimental Evaluation of Monte Carlo Simulation in MIS Project Decisions
John B. Wallace, Jr.
Robustness and Analytic Computer System Models
R. Vavra and W.R. Franta
A Model for Simulating and Evaluating the Response of a Management Information System
Hamed Kamal Eldin and David Leon Shipman
Trace Driven System Modeling
J. F. Grant
ARPEGE: Simulation of an Air Pollution Crisis
M.A. Greene, A. Hochhauser, M.J. Reilly, J. F. Sautin, and A.S. Walters
A Systems Design Game
Norman R. Lyons
A Deterministic Simulation Model for Scheduled Airline Fleet Maintenance
Alan J. Parker
ASSET: A Digital Computer Language for the Simulation of Communication Systems
R.R. Bowen, C.D. Shepard, and R.V. Baser
Simulation Model of a Multiphasic Screening Unit for Use by a Department of Surgery
Frances M. Delaney, Marilyn Oppenheim, Martin Goldberg, William Schumer, and A. Gerson Greenburg
Medical Care Simulation: A Study Utilizing Dynamic Simulation Modeling
S.H. Cohn and J.F. Brandejs
Simulating the Impact of Expanded Delegation of Dental Procedures
J.B. Dilworth, W.J. Pelton, O.H. Embry, and G.A. Overstreet
A PL/l Model of an Emergency Medical System
Kenneth F. Siler
Simulation of an Epidemic: Development of Control Strategies of Schistosomiasis
Keh-Lon Lee
Simulation Analysis of an Emergency Care Facility
E.C. Garcia, W.F. Hamilton, and J.W. Thomas
An Interactive Multi-Item Inventory Computer Simulation Model
M. Wayne Shivelery
GWSS: A Generalized Warehouse Simulator System
Alvin M. Silver
A Dynamic Control System for Hospital Inventories
James D. Durham and Stephen D. Roberts
Distribution Combining Program
Oldrich A. Vasicek
Mathrisk: A Management Tool for the Analysis of Investment Decisions
Stephen L. Robinson
Mathnet: A Representation and Analysis Technique for Stochastic Networks
Stephen L. Robinson
A Risk-Return Simulation Model of Commodity Market Hedging Strategies
Robert E. Markland and Robert J. Newett
Using the Computer to Plan Production in a Flow Shop
Dana B. Hopkins, Jr.
A Simulation Study of Basic Oxygen Furnace Operations
C. Jain and Phil McDermott
Autonetics Planned Production Line Evaluation Simulator (APPLES)
P.J. Moore
A Performance Evaluation Technique for the Measurement of a Facility's Ability to Process the Proper Jobs
J.J. Babiel and B.Z. Duhl
A Directed Search Approach to Selecting a Sequencing Rule
James C. Hershauer and Ronald J. Ebert
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