Mini Tutorials
Random Variate Generation
State-Of-The-Art Surveys of Simulation Methodology
Optimization With Simulation Models
Ranking and Selection of Alternatives
Model Management
Simulation Techniques
Simulation Databases
Learning Languages
Instructional Methods
System Design and Scheduling
Government / Social Systems
Computer Systems
Corporation Planning Models
Health Care
Manufacturing and Industrial Systems
Computer Networks
Production Planning and Control
Combined Simulation
Simulation Potpourri
Financial Models
Behavioral Models
Information Systems


Introduction to Simulation Modeling
J. William Schmidt
Introduction to Simulation Languages
Robert G. Sargent
Simulation Modeling Workshop
William E. Biles
Introduction to GPSS
Thomas J. Schriber
SLAM Tutorial
A. Alan B. Pritaker and Claude Dennis Pegden
Applications of Corporate Finance Models
E. Leonard Arnoff
Guidelines for Selecting a Financial Modeling Language
Donald A. Heckerman and Ian J. Adams
A Comparative Analysis of Financial Modeling Languages
John M. Lewis
Design and Analysis of Simulation Experiments
Robert E. Shannon
Managing Simulation Projects
Paul Gray
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Mini Tutorials

Computer Aided Simulation for Computer System Studies
George K. Hutchinson
PERT and Simulation
David E. Douglas
Introduction to the Software Design and Documentation of Language
Henry Kleine
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Financial Modelin ... Simulating Your Way to Planned Objectives
Joseph J. Centofanti and David C. Evans
Financial Modeling: Practical Applications in Hospital Management
John P. Chaplick and Benjamin F. Giles
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Random Variate Generation

Empirical Testing of Multiplicative Congruential Generations with Modules 231-1
George S. Fishman and Louis R. Moore
A Survey of Methods for Sampling From the Gamma Distribution
Pandu R. Tadikamalla and Mark E. Johnson
The Generation of Order Statistics in Digital Computer Simulation: A Survey
Bruce W. Schmeiser
The Bivariate Beta Distribution: Comparison of Monte Carlo Generators and Evaluation of Parameter Estimates
James H. Macomber and Buddy L. Myers
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State-Of-The-Art Surveys of Simulation Methodology

Simulation Methods for Poisson Processes In Nonstationary Systems
Peter A. W. Lewis and Gerald S. Shedler
Validation of Simulation Models
Averill M. Law
Variance Reduction Techniques
Stephen S. Lavenberg and Peter D. Welch
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Optimization With Simulation Models

Superimposing Direct Search Methods for Parameter Optimization onto Dynamic Simulation Models
Rainer Heckler and Hans-Paul Schwefel
Simulation Optimization Using Response Surfaces Based on Spline Approximations
Andrew F. Daughety and Mark A. Turnquist
Use of Both Optimization and Simulation Models to Analyze Complex Systems
Dean H. Kropp, Robert C. Carlson, and James V. Juckler
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Ranking and Selection of Alternatives

Designing Simulation Experiments to Completely Rank Alternatives
Thomas A. Bishop
Multivariate Ranking and Selection Without Reduction to a Univariate Problem
Edward J. Dudewicz and Vidya S. Taneja
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Model Management

Some Considerations for Improving Federal Modeling
Paul F. Roth, Saul I. Gass, and Austin J. Lemoine
Communication Needs in Computer Modeling
Hubert Lipinski, Roy Amara, and Kathleen Spangler
Management of the Model Development Process
Igal Ayal, Donald J. Hempel, and Phillippe Cattin
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Simulation Techniques

A Programming Theory for Discrete Simulation
Robert E. Haymond
Statistically Suitable Initial Multiplier Values for IBM's GPSS V Random Number Generations
Charles S. Saxon and Thomas J. Schriber
Machine Independent Simulation Modeling
George E. Juras and Fredrick K. Goodman
On the Relative Merits of Two Major Methodologies for Simulation Model Construction
Charles M. Shub
Interactive Analysis of Output from GPSS-Based Simulations
Richard W. Andrews and Thomas J. Schriber
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Computer Model Documentation
Saul I. Gass
Management Oriented Documentation of Simulation
Val Silbey
Documentation: A Growing Need ... A New Tool
Marcia A. Metcalfe
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Simulation Databases

SIMDABS: A Database System Tailored for Use in Simulation Studies
Charles R. Standridge and A. Alan B. Pritaker
A Data-Model Interface for Modular Dynamic Simulation
Friedhelm Drepper
A Filing System with Variable Size Attributes for the Gasp Simulation Languages
Robert E. Young and Terence E. Wilson
A Data Base System for River Basin Management
Nguyen Duong, Daryl B. Simons, and Ruh-Ming Li
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Learning Languages

An Introduction to Modeling With INS
Stephen D. Roberts, James Schier, and Thom Sulanke
Simulation for the Computer Novice
Janis Church
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Instructional Methods

Simulation: A Case Approach
Barry Shore and Dean Plager
Simulating the Impact of Monetary and Fiscal Policy Activities on the Results of Corporate Financial Decisions
Maclyn L. Clouse
A Pedagogical Exercise Utilizing Computer Simulation
Newell E. Chiesl
Montreal MAPP Training Simulation Model
Muhammed Naqi
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System Design and Scheduling

Real Time Simulation of Elevators
George T. Hummet, Thomas D. Moser, and Bruce A. Powell
Simulating Station Activity in an Advanced Group Rapid Transit System
Marilyn S. Sanfilippo
Simulation of Mission Timelines for the Spacelab Program
J. Steven Roberts, Michael A. Fague, and Claude D. Pegden
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Government / Social Systems

Simulation of Government Policy
James A. Calloway
Estimating the Total Real Property Value of Geographic Areas for Equalization: A Computer Simulation
James M. Kraushaar and Steven Hershey
Macro-Level Policy Analysis Models: A Methodological Overview
Rodrigo J. Lievano and Robert O. Anderson
Cost Effectiveness of Alternative Sewage Collection Treatment and Disposal Systems at Recreational Areas
Mesbah U. Ahmed, Kennetl B. Young, and Arun G. Walvekar
A Simulation of Price Effects on Crude Oil Production from Stripped Wells in Texas
Robert R. Hill
Evolution of a Water and Power Demand Projection Model for Saudi Arabia
Alan McK. Shorb and Anthony C. Picardi
Simulating Population and Employment Change for U.S. Metropolitan and Rural Areas
Peter M. Allaman
Micsim: The Simulation Model of FDNY's Computer-Aided Dispatch System
Michael Gellar
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Insect Population Simulation
John P. Barrett, John E. Foster, Greg A. Wong, and Elizabeth C. Stanley
Irrigation System Selection for Maximum Crop Profit
R. W. Hill and Jack Keller
Answers: A Hydrologic/Water Quality Simulator for Watershed Research
David B. Beasley and Larry F. Huggins
Global Crop Production Forecasting: A Simulation Analysis of the Data System Problems and Their Solutions
Harvey Golden and James W. Neiers
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Computer Systems

Sizing and Assessing Computer Design Alternatives Using Simulation
Gary J. Wright and Thomas L. Hannan
A Simulation of a Minicomputer-Based Data Base Transaction System
Lawrence K. Fried and David Pravidlo
Simulation of a Multiple CPU Military Communications System
James G. Sprung and Ved Aggarwal
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Star: Simulation of Tactical Alternative Responses
Samuel H. Parry
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A Simulation Study of Operational Procedures for Increasing the Efficiency of Inland Waterways Transportation
Kiran J. Desai and Jerry Prock
Simulation of a Rail Rapid Transit System at Several Levels of Detail
Bjorn Conrad and Donato A. D'Esopo
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Corporation Planning Models

Corporate Planning Systems Simulation: The Portland General Electric (PGE) Experience
Wynn A. Abranovic, Lee A. Barney, Charles Lusky, and Warren H. Winter
The Dresser Planning Model
Charles H. Hatfield, Jr. and Bryant K. Kershaw
Energy Forecasting and Simulation Models
John C. Sweeney
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A Computer Model of Rainfall Runoff from a System of Multiple Watersheds
Ruh-Ming Li, Brent E. Spronk, and Daryl B. Simons
Posim: A General Wildlife Population Simulator
Edward L. Mooney and Terry Looner
Simple: A Simplified Ecosystem Model for Lake George, New York
J. P. Killus
Qual II Simulation Analysis for Treating Acid Mine Draining Problems in the Monongahela River Basin
Thomas E. Holland, Donald L. Gochenour Jr, and Alfred W. Pappano
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Health Care

A New Approach to Operational Efficiency for Chronic Renal Dialysis Program
Ronald M. Korabik
Applications of Computer Simulation to Health Care
William England and Stephen D. Roberts
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Manufacturing and Industrial Systems

An Investigation of the Effect of Product Quality on Rework Manpower During Production Via Simulation
M. Jeya Chandra
Whole Mill Simulation of Small Log Sawmills with Head Sawyers
K.H. Kempthorne
Capacity Analysis of an Appliance Testing Process
Suraj M. Alexander and Ajit S. Bhatia
Study of an Automated Materials Handling System
Lee W. Schruben and Philip L. Moser
A GPSS V Simulation of a Computer Controlled Warehouse Picking System
David E. Douglas, Michael T. Mazzaro, and Leonard J. Myers
The Application of Computer Simulation Techniques to Industrial Packaging Lines
Emory W. Zimmers and Thomas W. Brinker
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Computer Networks

Dynamic-Simulation of a National Resource Sharing Computer Network
Ronald Segal and Beverly O'Neal
Performance Evaluation of Packet Radio Systems by Simulation: A Case Study
Israel Gitman, Howard Frank, and Richard Van Slyke
Simulation of a Business Communication System Switching Network
James Yan
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Use of Simulation for Examining the Effects of Guessing Upon Knowledge Assessment on Standardized Tests
James E. Bruno
The Administration Decision Game: A Simulation for Developing Planning Skills in Educational Managers
Michael J. Murphy
Simulation in Higher Education Planning: Walk Before You Run
Nancy S. Sampson
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Costing Forest Residue Recovery Through Simulation
Leonard R. Johnson and Edward L. Fisher
The Strategic Petroleum Reserve Distribution (SPRED) Simulation Model
Dennis Taillie, John Neidlinger, Joseph Demasco, and William Begenyi
Public Utility Operation and Growth: A System Simulation Model
Thomas D. Clark, Jr. and William A. Shrode
A Computer Simulation Model for Examining Cogeneration Alternatives
P. E. Schweizer and R. E. Sieck
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Production Planning and Control

A Production Analysis Simulation System (PASS)
Donald F. Blumberg
GASP IV Simulation Model for the Composites and Bonding Production Facility
Darrell W. Starks
Controlling for Variability in Demand for An s,S Inventory System
Keith A. Klafehn
Huristic Search Methodology for Compound Simulation
William J. Maddocks
A Large Scale Job-Shop Simulation Based on Actual Operating Data
Harold J. Steudel
Manpower Requirements Planning in a Chemical Maintenance Facility: A Time-Dependent Interactive Simulation
William W. Williams
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Combined Simulation

A Saint Model of the AN/TSQ-73 Guided Missile Air Defense System
David B. Wortman, Alonso F. Hixson, III, and Charles Jorgenson
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Simulation Potpourri

The Search for the Perfect Handicap
Francis Scheid
A Networking Modeling and Analysis Technique for the Evaluation of Nuclear Safeguards Systems Effectiveness
Floyd H. Grant, Robin J. Miner, and Dennis Engi
Additive vs. Multiplicative Uniform Pseudo-Random Number Generators in the Generation of Erlang Varieties
Roger L. Burford
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Financial Models

The Design of a Corporate Planning System Simulator
Edward A. Stohr and Mohan Tanniru
An Application of Simulation for Studying the Multi-National Capital Budgeting Problem
H.A. DiGiulio and R.V. Oakford
A Computer Simulation Model for Portfolio Strategy Formulation
Shyam Sunder
Financial Simulation Model: Assessing Project Risk at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Leo H. Bressman, James J. Browne, Cherrie L. Nanninga, and Barry Weintrob
The Evaluation of Alternative Profitability Measures of Leveraged Leasing: A Simulation Approach
Robert Capettini and Howard R. Toole
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Behavioral Models

The Structure of Interpersonal Rules for Meaning and Action: A Computer-Simulation of "Logical Force" in Communication
Vernon E. Cronen, Eugene E. Kaczka, W. B. Pearce, and Mark Pawlik
Unrested Networks as Self-Designing Systems
Barry Shane
Why James G. Miller's "Decider" Lets Simulation Harden the "Soft" Biological Sciences
G. Arthur Mihram
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Information Systems

Information Systems for Transfer of Simulation Technology
John M. Dutton
Control Concepts in Synergistic Man-Machine Information Systems
Victor Selman, Charles I. Bartfield, Jerry Selman, and Jesse Gershberg
Some Speculation on Simulation and Information Systems
Henry C. Lucas, Jr.
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The Allocation of Real-Time Computing Within a Multiple-User Organization
Jeffrey H. Moore
A Cost Allocation Model for Assessing the Impact of Energy Storage Technologies Upon Electric Utilities
R. Giese, L. Holt, and R. Scheithauer
Simulating the Customer Purchasing/Personal Selling Process in Retailing with a Queuing Approach
R. Dale VonRiesen and Lester W. Jacobs
The Use of Simulation in the Design of an Inventory Control System
Donald L. Byrkett
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