Integrated Circuit Shop Simulation For Capacity Planning And Scheduling
Dennis D. Newhart
An Empirically Based-Investigation Of Job-Shop Sequencing
James C. Hershauer
Simulation Of Pack Film Manufacturing
David Freeman, Pasquale Grossi, and Stewart Hoover
An Emergency Medical System Simulation Model
James A. Fitzsimmons
Roles For Simulation In Behavioral Research
James R. Emshoff
A Simulation Model Of Urban Politics
Frank L. Adelman and Irma Adelman
A System Simulation Study Of Dynamic Social Change
Lynn P. Madden
Simulation of a Two-Man Interaction System
D. S. Kochhar and B. L. Wills
The Use of Monte Carlo Simulation to Reflect the Impact Human Factors Can Have on Systems Performance
Gerald P. Chubb
Reliability of Computer-Communication Networks
Richard Van Slyke and Howard Frank
Resource Allocation in Stochastic Project Networks
John M. Burt, Jr.
Simulating Large Flow Networks in Underground Media
Gerald N. Pitts and Paul B. Crawford
The Capital Asset Pricing Simulator
David E. Besenfelder and Wayne N. Wagner
Commodity Market Dynamics: A System Analysis of Fundamental Relationship
Robert D. Landel
Stimulating Commodity Market Trading Policies
J.R. Emshoff and L.L. Jayaraman
Toward a Simulation Model of the Stock Market
Charles C. Ying, Neil B. Bromberg, and Martin K. Solomon
The Use of a Repair Center Simulator
George L. Adler
Turbine Engine Maintenance Manpower and Facility Model
Gary E. Sundquist and Robert B. Whitegiver
Maintainability Engineering Simulation System: An Application of Discrete Simulation To Engineering Education
Ronald S. Morris
Maintenance Management For Sophisticated Ground Transportation Vehicles
C. W. Collins
Use of an External Optimizing Algorithm with a GPSS Model
Robert M. Lefkowitz and Thomas J. Schriber
Simulation in GPSS/360 of a Highway Paving Operation Using a Mobile Central-Mix Plant With Different Haul Truck Speeds and Fleet Size Combinations
Edwin L. Bidwell
An Application of Simulation To the Improvement of Fork Truck Operations
Michael L. Morrison
An Application of Simulation to Compare Production Line Configuration With Failures and Repairs
F. Paul Wyman and Lawrence E. Moberly
Priority Scheduling Rules For a Combined Production Inventory System: A Simulation Analysis
William L. Berry
Simulation of the Four-Way and Two-Way Stop Sign Controlled Intersections
J. Wesley Barnes and Robert M. Crisp, Jr.
Simulation - An Application In Marine Transportation Scheduling
Ralph Forsaith and George Hvidsten
A Study of Responsive Electronic Vehicular Instrumentation
Joseph S. Nadan
A Computer Simulation Model of Driver Vision while Merging from a Freeway On-Ramp
Kumares C. Sinha and Philip H. DeCabooter
Application of Simulation to Detail Design of a Telephone Directory Assistance System Computer Number 68
John A. Noecker
Simulation Data Structures Using Simula 67
Jean G. Vaucher
Simulation: A Tool for Design and Pre-Implementation Testing of Large Scale Software Systems
Miklos Antal Vasarhelyi
Simulating with Simscript
Yen W. Chao
A Network Model of the U. S. Air Transportation System
Aurel N. de Hollan, Arthur S. Priver, and Andres Zellweger
A Simulation Study for the Design of an Air Terminal Building
Samuel Eilon and Stephen Mathewson
A Route-Oriented Simulation System For ATC Studies
W. R. Sutherland, T. H. Myer, E. L. Thomas, and D. A. Henderson, Jr.
Applications of Computer-Drawn Motion Pictures To Visualization and Validation of Airport Simulations
Everett S. Joline
Use of Performance Analysis Statistics in Computer System Simulation
P. R. Katonak
Modeling a Responsive Message Exploitation System
John C. Mason III and Patrick B. Sampey
Computer System Simulation of an On-Line Interactive Command and Control System
Herman Fischer
Earnings Per Share, Debt Financing Costs and Debt Composition - A Simulation Model
George M. Frankfurter and Bertrand Horwitz
Simulation of Security Returns for Testing Portfolio Selection Procedures
George M. Frankfurter, Herbert E. Phillips, and John P. Seagle
A Simulation Analysis of Cash Flow Attenuation Under Alternative Financial Operating Structures
Robert E. Markland
Firm Models of Unhealthy Cash Flows
Michael Keenan
A Utility Program for Systematic Layout Planning
H. K. Eldin and B. J. Schroer
Simulation of Inventory Space Factor for Various Operating Policies
Edward A. Siecienski
Simulation of Rapid Ship Unloading by Helicopter
Bruce F. Powers and Martin Goldberg
The Basics of GASP II: A Tutorial
A. Alan B. Pritsker
Tutorial on Statistical Analysis and Experimental Design in Discrete Event Digital Simulation Experiments
George S. Fishman
Simulation of Waiting Line Systems With Queue Length Dependent Parameters
Irwin Greenburg and Susan Heimrath
The Probability of Stability - An Empirical Determination
Spyros Makridakis
Procedures for Generating Gamma Variates with Non-Integer Parameter Sets
Don T. Phillips and Charles Beightler
The Application of Associative Processing in Discrete Simulation
Jeffrey L. Posdamer, Robert G. Sargent, and P. Bruce Berra
Developing a Health Services Simulator
Charles G. Richie, Henry G. Dove, William S. Moore, and Sam A. Edwards
Experimental Analysis of a GPSS Simulation of a Student Health Center
F. Paul Wyman and Gerald Creaven
The Development and Design of the Surgical Scheduler's Hospital Management Game Using GASP II
Richard O. Hoffman and Paul E. Torgersen
Vancouver Regional Health Planning Model
J. Milsum, D. Uyeno, I. Vertinsky, and H. Will
CLASS: Composite Language Approach for System Simulation (A Tutorial)
Harold G. Hixson
GPDS - A New Simulation Language
Philip S. Becker, Jr.
Time Flow Mechanisms For Use in Digital Logic Simulation
Stephen A. Szygenda, Cliff W. Hemming, and John M. Hemphill
A Corporate Planning Model for a New Business Venture
Joel S. Greenberg
Simulation Model for a Complex Production/Distribution Network
Stuart Dean, Ralph Forsaith, and George Hvidsten
A Mathematical Model of the Briquette Industry in Victoria
S. E. Blanch, N. J. Henderson, and K. W. Laing
Corporate Planning Models: What Level of Abstraction?
Norman I. Agin and Chuck Junkunc
Application of Simulation Techniques to Scheduling and Monitoring of Computer Installations
Leo J. Boelhouwer and Dennis M. Gilbert
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