Keynote Address
Statistical Considerations
New Language Developments
Simulation Tutorial
Corporate and Financial Models
Transportation Models
Computer System Models
Manufacturing Applications I
Reliability and Maintainability Models
Manufacturing Applications II
Graphics and GPSS Modifications
Simulation of Human Behavior
Distribution Systems
Communication Systems
Urban Systems
Gaming Models
Job Shop Models
Material Handling Models
Language for Modeling Computer Systems
Facility Planning Models
Simulation and Ecology

Keynote Address

Why is Top Management Difficult to Convince?
John E. Snyder
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Statistical Considerations

Estimating Reliability in Simulation Experiments
George S. Fishman
The Use of Experimental Design Techniques in Simulation
A.L. Frank
Stopping Rules for Queueing Simulations: Non Independent Tours
Irwin W. Kabak
A Brief Survey of Stopping Rules in Monte Carlo Simulations
Michael J. Gilman
The GPS/360 Random Number Generator
Harry Felder
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New Language Developments

Some Features of the SIMULA 67 Language
Johan Dahl, Bjorn Myhrhaug, and Kristen Nygaard
Introduction to the SIMSCRIPT II Programming Language
Philip J. Kiviat
SPURT - A Simulation Package for University Research and Teaching
Martin Goldberg and Benjamin Mittman
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Simulation Tutorial

Technical Note for SIMSCRIPT Users
W.V. Neisius, E.D. Katz, and D.B. Townsend
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Corporate and Financial Models

A Financial Simulation of a Proposed Computer Leasing Company
A.M. Economos
Simulating the Financial Effects of Major Corporate Policy Changes Via a Discrete State System Model
B. Linn Soule
Production Programming by Reverse Curve Analysis
A.G. Beged Dov, C.D. Carmichael, S.T. Ferguson, I.E. Mitchell, and W.H. Struble
The Development of a State-Space Model of a Firm
R.V. Elicano
Development and Application of a Simple Product Development and Marketing Strategy Model
A.J. Lipinski, D.W. Ross, and D.M. Salmon
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Transportation Models

Simulation of a Railed Automated Highway
Donald Ingerman
SIGN - Simulation to Investigate Generalized Networks
Isadore L. Goldhirsh
The CN Network Model
R.D. Jones, D.C. Lach, and J.W. Metsos
Fortran Simulation of an Oil Tanker Fleet
Lowell C. Jerpe
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Computer System Models

The Effects of Program Segmentation on Job Completion Times in a Multiprocessor Computing System
Richard K. Dumas
A Monte Carlo Process for Determining Response Times for Tactical Systems
Leroy C. Sanders
Uses of Simulation in the Design of Large Scale Information Systems
J.M. Jenkins and R.G. Maher
The Use of Simulation in the Design of Information Systems
A.L. Frank
On-Line System Simulation
R.J. Ceci and G.W. Dangel
Approximations for Simulation Run-Time Reduction
G.M. Herman
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Manufacturing Applications I

Manufacturing Lead Time Determination by GPSS Simulation
Manohar L. Athavale
A Generalized Methodology for Computer Simulation of Numerically Controlled Production Systems
Gastone Chingari
Inspection Department Manpower Planning Using Simulation Models
John Quackenbush
Estimation of Manpower Forecast Variation by GPSS
Philip Hicks
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Reliability and Maintainability Models

Iterative Computer Simulation as an Aid to System Design and Cost Effectiveness Analysis
Jerry L. Hooley
Evaluation of On-Board In-Flight Checkout on Military Aircraft
J.L. Johnson
Simulating the Operation of a Logistics System
P. Dulchinos and J. Hill
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Manufacturing Applications II

Simulation Key Unlocks Problems of Reducing In-Process Inventory and Improving Manufacturing Flow
W. Daniel Nilsson and Paul R. Becker
Simulation of a Multi-Stage Manufacturing Process
Donald E. Pearson
CORSIM - A Dynamic Assembly Line Simulation
R.C. Pasternak
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Graphics and GPSS Modifications

GAPSS (Graphical Analysis Procedures for System Simulation)
Thomas E. Bell
GPSS/360 - NORDEN, a Partial Conversational GPSS
Sherman Hunter and Julian Reitman
Graphic Simulation with GPSS
M.E. Stephenson
GPSS Extended Capabilities and Modifications
J.W. Walton and L.W. Terry
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Simulation of Human Behavior

Two Models of Innovation Diffusion
T.W. Carroll and Gerhard J. Hanneman
Computer Simulation of Concept Learning by Individuals in a Minimum Social Situation
Roger C. Joyner
The Simulation of Human Systems
Ira E. Robinson and David F. Foster
Computer Learning Through Association
Robert W. Snelsire and Robert P. Roesser
A Model of Bureaucratic Growth Using GPSS
W.D. Rowe
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Distribution Systems

Distribution of Cryogenic Liquids in a Multi-Plant System
John C. Loose
Experiments on an Adaptive Computer Model of a Distribution Channel
Martin Pfaff
Generalized GPSS Model for Grain Terminal Elevators
J.E. Peterson
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Communication Systems

Application of GPSS to the Simulation of Telephone Systems
R. Bernard and Ch. Grandjean
Communication Network Design Using Message Flow Simulation
David L. Bussard
The Minuteman Communication Network Simulator
W.V. Neisius and E.D. Katz
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Urban Systems

Simulation of a Rapid-Exit Industrial Parking Structure
Edward R. Broad Jr.
Simulation Study of a Series of Synchronized Intersections
P. Le Bourgeois
A Simulation Model of New York City Police Department's Response System
Julius Surkis, Gilbet R. Gordon, and Norbert Hauser
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Gaming Models

Simulating a "Management Game" with Programmed Decisions
J.A. Bubenko Jr.
On the Optimum Structure for War-Game Simulations
A.T. Mollegen Jr.
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Certain Air to Surface Missile Systems
Eugene Telep
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Job Shop Models

Job Shop Heuristics and Statistical Inference in a Taxicab Simulation
Tasker Generes
Application of GPSS/360 to Job Shop Scheduling
Ronald A. Schwarz and Thomas J. Schriber
Simulation of Computer Program Distribution
S. Yagil
Job Shop Type Production Scheduling by Simulation
Ronald G. Pettit
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Material Handling Models

The Simulation of Petroleum Tank Wagon Loading Rack Operation
Jerry Babbin and Frank Pfaff
Cyberail Simulation
Philip D. Drew, Stephen Swerling, and Allen B. Fonda
Simulating Warehouse Layout Patterns in Order to Improve Cube Utilization
Richard W. Garrett
Monte Carlo Simulation of Full Case Conveying Systems
Roger C. Stuebing
Simulation as an Estimating Tool
Gerda Woxen
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Language for Modeling Computer Systems

Modelling and Scheduling of Computer Programs for Parallel Processing Systems
J.L. Baer and E.C. Russell
S3, The System and Software Simulator
Leo J. Cohen
The Application of Simulation in Computer System Design and Optimization
William C. Thompson
Variable Mesh Simulator
M.J. Kelly
Fortran Simulation of Digital Logic
Dale I. Rummer
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Facility Planning Models

An Energy Storage System
Bill H. Easter
Digital Computer Simulation Studies - Studies of Information Networks
Kevin D. Reilly
A Simulation Model for Strip Mining
D.W. Sifferd
Application of the CAMPUS Simulation Models to the Major Planning Decisions of a Large University
Jack B. Levine
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Simulation and Ecology

Summer Grazing
J.R. Donnelly and J.S. Armstrong
Use of a Computer Model to Determine Energy Requirements of a Predatory Fish, The Largemouth Black Bass (Micropterus salmoides)
Norman R. Glass
Modeling a Weather Environment
Christopher J. Green
A Discrete Bio Simulation - The Population Regulation of Turtles
Keith P. Tognetti
Vegetation-Environment Interactions
J.S. Armstrong
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