WSC 2007 Final Abstracts

Clinics Track

Tuesday 8:30:00 AM 10:00:00 AM
Aggregating Subsystem Models

Chair: Jerry Banks (Independent Consultant)

Clinic: Aggregating Subsystem Models Into an Automotive Total Plant Throughput Model
Jeffrey Scott Miller, Randy Combs, Earnest Foster, and Jeffrey Tew (General Motors), D. J. Medeiros (Pennsylvania State University) and Onur M. Ulgen (Production Modeling Corporation)

This paper presents problems encountered within the simulation modeling community of General Motors when they are faced with the requirement to verify all new plant designs for their entire global manufacturing enterprise. Given that the body shop, paint shop, and general assembly areas of an automotive plant are modeled independently in two different simulation packages, we desire this clinic session to address issues encountered when attempting to model the entire plant with one simulation package. Obtaining accurate total plant throughput from this one model representation is of interest. The paint shop, in particular, is modeled in a 3D simulation package and its results need to be represented correctly in terms that are interoperable with a 2D simulation package.

Tuesday 1:30:00 PM 3:00:00 PM
Correlated Inputs

Chair: John Carson II ()

Clinic: Correlated Inputs in an Automotive Paint Shop Fire Risk Simulation
Debra Elkins (General Motors R&D Center), Chris LaFleur (General Motors Corporate Risk Management), Earnest Foster and Jeffrey Tew (General Motors R&D Center), Bahar Biller (Carnegie Mellon University) and James R. Wilson (North Carolina State University)

General Motors (GM) has developed a first proof-of-concept simulation model to explore impacts of various fire events in automotive paint shop operations. The approach uses a chronological event tree structure to assess effectiveness of various fire protection options to reduce the potential for significant property damage and loss of production capability. For confidentiality purposes, GM has disguised the numerical data presented in this case study. GM is seeking advice from the simulation community on modeling questions related to input distribution modeling, and correlation structure among input random variables.

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