WSC 2007 Final Abstracts

Cross-Fertilization 1 Track

Monday 5:10:00 PM 6:10:00 PM
Cross-Fertilization I

Chair: Enver Yucesan (INSEAD)

Human Terrain Data - What Should We Do with It?
Barry G. Silverman (University of Pennsylvania)

What are we in the Modeling & Simulation (M&S) community to do with the volumes of `Human terrain' data now being published by the military and others in databases of the demographics and needs/values/norms of populations of interest? This paper suggests that the M&S community would be remiss if it did not rise to this challenge and suggest next steps for the use of this HT data resource. These datasets are a key asset for those interested in synthesis of two major agent-based modeling paradigms - the cognitive and the social - as this paper argues. We pursue this argument with a case study integrating a cognitive agent environment (PMFserv) and a social agent environment (FactionSIm) and applying them to various regions of interest (Iraq, SE Asia, Crusades) to assess their validity and realism.

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