WSC 2006 Abstracts

Software / Modelware Tutorials (Vendor Track) A Track

Monday 10:30:00 AM 12:00:00 PM
Micro Analysis & Design and Flexsim Software Products

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Micro Analysis & Design-Micro Saint Sharp 2.5: Simulating Our Changing World
Brett Saum (Micro Analysis & Design)

Micro Saint Sharp has everything you need in discrete event simulation. We recently released Version 2.5 with many new enhancements including a plug-in to import/export with Microsoft Visio. Learn how your business will benefit with simulation and find out how to increase productivity, improve facilities design and maximize worker performance.

Flexsim's Simulation World
Bill Nordgren (Flexsim Software Products)

Conference attendees know what simulation is. They know what they would like simulation to be. Flexsim will show attendees how their simulator is unique from other simulators, in terms of its features, functionality and power. Flexsim will also take the time to show you what to expect in the very near future!

Monday 1:30:00 PM 3:00:00 PM
Imagine That

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Imagine That: Extend Simulation Tools - 1
Dave Krahl (Imagine That, Inc.)

See the present and the future of the Extend simulation application. Session #1 will showcase the core Extend application and include hierarchical model building, user interface creation and interactive modeling. See how Extend's sophisticated simulation engine provides the ease of use, quick turnaround and interactivity desired by new modelers and the scalability and robustness required for large-scale, multi-faceted systems.

Imagine That: ExtendSim Simulation Tools - 2
Dave Krahl (Imagine That, Inc.)

In Session #2, Imagine That Inc. reveals ExtendSim 7... boasting progressive new simulation technology and 3D animation. Get briefed on using the integrated database, construction of models using new libraries with scalable connectors and the uncannily realistic E3D environment. See what close to 20 years of graphical model building technology brings to the plate.

Tuesday 8:30:00 AM 10:00:00 AM
Averill M. Law & Assoc. and Lanner Group

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Averill M. Law & Assoc.: ExpertFit Distribution-Fitting Software - Version 7
Averill M. Law (Averill M. Law & Associates, Inc.)

We discuss the ExpertFit distribution-fitting software and, in particular, the long-awaited Version 7 with its simplified user interface, improved graphics, and a much-larger allowable sample size. ExpertFit has been the leading such software since 1983 because it’s statistically correct, has many more features, and is the best documented.

Lanner Group Latest Releases
Tony Waller (Lanner Group Inc.)

Lanner will be showcasing the latest releases and additions to the WITNESS Simulation Suite and highlighting recent Manufacturing, Service and Defense applications. Optimization and Virtual Reality technologies will be included PLUS new WITNESS Server and VISIO Solutions and the new java simulation engine L-Sim, embedded in leading partner process solutions.

Tuesday 10:30:00 AM 12:00:00 PM
Incontrol Enterprise Dynamics

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Enterprise Dynamics Technology
Janis Britals (Incontrol Enterprise Dynamics)

A new version of Enterprise Dynamics--Enterprise Dynamics 7-–has been launched this year. It is available at three different levels: Economy, Studio and Falcon. At every level many new features are introduced to improve your simulation building experience. Objects and events, parameterization, instant 3D and VR visualization, a powerful instant open-source language and other outstanding features have convinced many organizations to choose Enterprise Dynamics as their simulation platform. Now technologies like HLA and XML are being embraced to extend the platform capabilities even further beyond a single computer simulation environment to the next level in modeling, simulation, visualization and control.

Enterprise Dynamics Applications
Matthijs Jongboer (Incontrol Enterprise Dynamics)

Enterprise Dynamics is used by many organizations to model, simulate, visualize and control their business. Market specific applications-–based on Enterprise Dynamics-–are providing simulation users useful tools and objects to reduce the time required for modelling and validation. Also, these applications provide ready-to-use animation objects to present their models in a recognizable to their stakeholders. Powerful applications are available for production and material handling (Logistic Suite, Warehouse Manager, Powertrain), airport industry (Samanta), pedestrian simulation (Plato), railways, transportation and infrastructure.

Tuesday 1:30:00 PM 3:00:00 PM
ShowFlow and XJ Technologies

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ShowFlow-Serious Simulation on a Shoestring
Stephen Webb (Webb Systems Limited)

Many simulation projects take a long time to complete, are very expensive and use costly development systems. Webb Systems will describe a number of projects that were completed in days, using a simulation package that cost less than $2,000 to buy outright. All these projects delivered benefits to the customer far in excess of the cost of the work. ShowFlow’s straightforward structure and easy-to-learn syntax make it an ideal choice for building small to medium sized models. Don’t be misled by the price, ShowFlow has all the features needed to develop complex models in manufacturing and logistics industries. The “what you see is what you model” approach makes it easy for the first time model builder to get to grips with the basics of simulation. The ability to produce a fully working model quickly provides positive feedback. Once the basic approaches have been mastered, the user may move on to more powerful products, making ShowFlow an ideal introduction to the subject.

XJ Technologies: AnyLogic 6-New IDE & Engine for the Most Powerful Simulator
Andrei Borschev (XJ Technologies)

AnyLogic is the only simulation tool directly supporting multiple modeling methods: discrete event, agent based and system dynamics. Starting with version 6 (release date: December 2006), AnyLogic became even more powerful. It now works on virtually all platforms, includes a lot of modeler assistance tools (auto-completion, teamwork support, refactoring, source-code debugging, etc.), integrates with GIS and CAD, and also features a new engine that runs models 10-50 times faster and drastically reduces the memory requirements: you can now run more than four millions of agents on a standard machine.

Tuesday 3:30:00 PM 5:00:00 PM

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